Saturday, February 13, 2010


This year I am trying to make a strong intake into lessening the UFOs around the sewing room.

This is one I decided to tackle next...... Noah's Ark wall hanging.  There is a link on the right hand side of my blog.   This was kindly made available free by Lynette Anderson.  I started it when The Scot was sick, and we had to attend chemo, Doctors appointments etc.  It was perfect I had the patterns saved each month, and then worked on them whenever we were waiting.  The Scot didn't like talking, so I had to keep quiet, I tried reading, but I would get to the third page and wonder what the story was about and so have to start again.  Embroidery proved perfect, I could sew and think at the same time whilst keeping quiet.

This was my orignal plan

When I set them out, it just didn't look good (to me anyway) so I decided to change my plan.  So a lot of ribbiting and this is the new plan.

I have to redo the cows, the also the rainbow.  but this I like much better.  As you know my brain goes into panic mode as soon as numbers are thrown at it, so the Scot was kind enough to help me work the sizes out to make them fit.  There are still two rows to be added to the bottom.  They are completed but just need to be stitched together (in the correct order)
Note to self.... never assume you are going to finish it.... 2009 will have to stay.. but I will correct it on the label on the back lol.

And to ponder over whilst unpicking and stitching, I have this on the design board

all the applique is finished.  I just have to decide on what to put around it, and what to do with it.  This is really old, it must have been started around 1990.  It is a Dianne Johnstone design.

And to thank The Scot for helping work the Ark Quilt out, here are the obligatory photos

look what I found


and these are the beans. 


He had to put up another height of mesh for them to climb. 

Please don't make any jokes about him being Jack.


Jules said...

Well done you. This has to be the year of UFO for me too I think. Doll's houses!
Love the wall hanging and think the new version is great - all watery..... Apropriate

Dear hubby has done jolly well with his garden produce. The cage is coming into its own and looks like it has been there ages. Great piece of work.

Fiesta said...

Sheila, the Scots garden is wonderful. It is so nice to be able to grow your own vegees.
I love the applique quilt you are going to finish. The colors are perfect.
I started a few Noahs arc stitcheries but just never got going with it. Yours looks great!

Lindi said...

Good for you, getting UFOs done!
I love the new look of the Noah's Ark, Sheila. Very fresh.
The Scot's produce is doing well. Certain to keep you both healthy :)

Sarah said...

You are really plowing through it all. Pretty soon you'll be able to start lots of newt things!

Your garden makes me sigh. We are all poring over seed catalogs and dreaming of fresh veggies.

Jenny said...

Nice to see your finished Noah's Ark. I have downloaded the patterns and that is as far as I got!

Vickie said...

your Noahs ark looks great..yeah to the Scot for his assistance..your applique piece looks great-hmm not sure what I would make with it perhaps a table cloth , cheers Vickie
oooppsy yep the garden is looking tasty indeed.

aykayem said...

your DH thinks that you taking his photo and putting it on your blog is a reward?! - mine considers it to be a punishment to have his photo taken! LOL
(and I would hate to see his reaction if I actually put a photo of him on my blog ... well ... there would probably be no reaction unless someone actually showed him/told him about it - because I don't think he has even looked at my blog!)