Thursday, February 18, 2010


when one is having fun....... ?????

well lets just say that time flies too quickly nowadays.  My Mother used to tell me don't wish your life away it goes too quickly when you get older.  ummm I should have listened to Mother more often.

The Scot has been sick this week, probably not helped by my also going into 'panic mode' whenever he is not just right now.   But all is well and today he is almost back to his normal self.  I am trying to tell him he is much older than he was twenty years ago and can't do things as fast.  But you know him 'Superman'

Whilst trying not to worry my head has been down sewing.  The Noah's Ark Quilt is almost finished

but just look

started, well I can't place the year but it must have been in the 1990's or even 1980's.  I remember it was at a workshop with Dianne Johnstone, and thats about all.  The applique was completed fairly quickly but never made into everything.   It has been moved from box to box for quite a few years now.  Last week it caught my eye and well the wall hanging above is the rest.

It also has a label

A parcel arrived this morning with some fabric I want to make a special project with but will keep that for later.

Better go search for The Scot now and see what he is up to.   Its a beautiful day here in Mulgrave.  Just perfect weather, sunny, not too hot and no wind.


What Comes Next? said...

Good for you - that wall hanging looks fabulous. SOmetimes things just need to talk to us for awhile. Glad the Scot is feeling better - must have run into some kryptonite soewhere!

Fiesta said...

Sheila the wall hanging is just perfect and though you started it years ago it really looks very new and modern. I am glad the Scot is feeling better. Do you tend the garden when he is ill?

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sheila you wall hanging is gorgeous....

retdairyqueen said...

Love the wall hanging
Hugs for the scot Oh and you to

Jules said...

Wall hanging is fab! Really beautiful.
Very pleased to hear that The Scot is bouncing ( well - crawling....) back. Bless you both, take care and take time. The weather sounds perfect. We have fog and guess what? Heavy snow promised later - oh yes, believe it when I see it! Cold actually but we tend to miss the snow, compared with other places. So - soak up that lovely weather both of you and enjoy.

Fran C said...

The wall hanging is lovely Shiela and my mum used to say 'you can't hurry masterpieces'

cinzia said...

What a coincidence. I ran across the pattern for that same block a few days ago and thought I would love to do something with it. Thankfully I restrained myself as I really don't need another UFO, but it is beautiful isn't it.

Julie said...

Such a delightful wall hanging. It must feel wonderful to have completed a long held UFO. Do hope the Scott is feeling better, and that you don't have to worry so much.