Thursday, February 11, 2010


two steps backwards.   That seemed to be the sequence of my day yesterday.  It was very  very hot and
humid.  And as I was complaining to my 4x6ers I was sweating, no ladylike persperation here, it was sweating, but Betsy (not the Christmas Projects One but the 4x6er one) sent me a note saying that in her part of the world they call it 'glistening' ... so I was glistening bright and clear  :)

the bin shows the steps backwards but I am not going to show you those.

This is the step forward.  It is my latest Postcard.   It is for Valentines Day, but with a difference. 
not finished but all ready for final stitching

by way of explaination it is Chinese New Year on February 14th.

my thinking

Red is considered lucky
The Character means Spring and is often used in New Year Greetings
2010  is the Year of the Tiger
3 coins tied with a red ribbon are also lucky

I was hoping to finish this to send to No1son who lives in Taiwan at the moment, and also to make one for The Scot instead of a Valentines Card.  I don't usually send him one but buy him a Chocolate Heart.

aubirdwoman 'glistening in Mulgrave'


retdairyqueen said...

Iam glistening as well
Clever little postcard maker aren't you
Looking good

Fiesta said...

Sheila, that postcard is fabulous and so meaningful.

Jules said...

Glad you explained that - looking good and very meaningful.

The saying I was brought up with is:
Horses sweat, Gentlemen perspire and Ladies just glow.

Not much of any of that here lol! Brrr.

Lindi said...

It's fabulous, Sheila! I wouldn't worry about how you measure up to others' cards. You are much better than many! :)

Wish I could say I'm glistening, but with the aircon on the blink, and the current humidity, I'm doing more than sweating!I'm drinking lots of water and I hardly have to go to the bathroom! lol