Saturday, February 06, 2010


As is often the case with me, I am trying to be slightly more clever than I really am.

This year as well as finishing some of the UFO's I am trying to be more creatively artistic (btw I should mention that my best drawing is the stick figure for  'Hangman') so I am being rather ambitious..

But being truly inspired by the ladies in the 4x6er's swap (which came about from The Inchies Swap I did last year).  As the name implies 4x6 are postcards.

I showed the PC's I made for the first theme which was Winter.  I am just waiting on one before I flash the received ones.
 The Second theme is Famous Women from Our Country.
I have chosen Dorothea MacKellar and her famous poem Core of My Heart later renamed My Country.

Now I am asking for help here...... this is what I have done so far

The Islands I am happy with chain stitched with gold thread, I can't write the name but its the one with the Butterfly on the label. 
The wording I printed onto fabric then ironed onto Heatand Bond Lite and then cut and burnt the edges (you remember The Scot was not too impressed with my burning method.

So far so good but now the word piece seems to be lifting, so I shall have to stitch it down.

But how ? so as not to make the stitching the feature.

I do intend to quilt waves on the blue fabric and on the other side to write a sentence about Dorothea Mackeller and her famous Poem 'My Country'.  We also enclose with the swap a short letter and I will send references of where to read it.
The Thinking Process was the sunburnt land, the poem which looks like it has been in a bushfire.
And the words themselves give meaning to my now being Australian.

Your comments will help, and I am quite as ease if I need to start again.
(mind you I might issue forth a few bad words :)  )


Julie said...

You are indeed, very clever! I just love what you have done, it has blown me away!!! As to your question, I have no idea!!!LOL

Jules said...

Well - isn't that just fab?! Brill idea, wonderfully executed.
The only thing to secure - if it really does show signs of lifting right off (bearing in mind that a bit of burnt lifting at the edges will give dimension and shriveling which in itself will add texture and authenticity.)- would be to carefully catch thread stitch it, or even backstitch over the writing in green? - not such a good idea! Surely a few weeny stitches lightly - so as not to pull or show - would suffice?
Certainly do not start again! lol.

Fiesta said...

Sheila , see if you can contact Pokey from quilting arts, , she makes thisngs like this and may have a solution for you. Sorry I cannot help. Definetly out of my realm.

What Comes Next? said...

Oh Sheila! These are fabulous! Can't wait to get it in my mailbox! In terms of the lifting edges, I think Jules has a good idea. I would probably use something like a light weight thread - a bobbin thread or maybe a beading filament or a clear nylon thread to lightly tack the poem down in a few spots. A bit of curling will definitely add to the effect, and as these are show pieces, not in heavy use, should be fine.

Lindi said...

Leave it. Or if you are really worried it might lift too much, I'd possibly do 3 tiney little stars, asterisk style *, in the 3 corners where there is room. Top left, top right, bottom right. Use the gold thread. It will tie in with the Islands stitching and also with the stars in the Australia fabric. Also, our flag has stars and McKellar is one of our star poets.
Just a thought

Lindi said...

Meant to also say, these are brilliant! You are getting very good at this.

phil the pom said...

You are a clever girl we both can see the Tredwell genes showing through and we are so proud of yo well done keep on keeping on

Barn Owl said...

Like it very much
as usual you are so clever.
Keep up the good work.