Thursday, February 04, 2010


It took a long time, and I think No1Son almost gave up hope of a wallhanging for his bedroom but

its finished

and it has a label

Now it needs to be wrapped, have the air excluded and off to my friendly lady at the Post Office.  Then winging its way to Taiwan.   When I asked No1 Son if he would like a quilt top or wall hanging this was his reply 
Its good to hear that the Fishes Wall hanging is being worked on again. I think I would like to hang it on the wall. Do you remember the quilt that I usually put on my bed? It has been well used and washed numerous times. Some of the stitching has come undone and the piping around the edges has become a bit worn. But rest assured that it has been well loved and used. Therefore, with the Fishes Wall Hanging, I think to preserve it better, a wall hanging would be best.

Its nice when one's quilts are used and not put in the cupboard isn't it.

He also wrote......

A couple of weeks ago, I went walking to a different part of town and I came across a shop with four or five ladies quilting. I went in and spoke a little with them Apparently they quilt by hand and don't use a machine. The quilting patterns I saw were very much like the ones you have done. I mentioned that you have been quilting for about 20 years and they were very impressed. Maybe quilting is an International Language. I am sure if you came across and went into this shop. I would have a hard time getting you out. I asked about the material and they said it was all imported from American, Japan and Australia.

I guess he knows his Mother quite well lol.   he writes about his time in Taiwan at

This is my first finish for 2010 (apart from the Postcards) and a first UFO finish for the year.  And I guess I should admit it was started in 2006.  A Block of the Month.
Numerous Problems in receiving it, very basic pattern, and the backing fabric came in two lots, hence one of my blocks was cut different to the others, I can see it, but I am not telling.  A few hitches along the way but I think to make up for it The Shop was very generous in their smaller coloured pieces.   I now have quite a few bits left over.   I did it as a BOM because it gave me so many different fabrics.  All in all,  well worth the Trial and Tribulation.
Hesitant in taking it up again after all these years, but it went together well.  The machine behaved itself perfectly, even if I did need to rest it when it overheated.
And it did take a long time to hand stitch the binding down.

If anyone would like the pattern, its for free as I don't think I will make another one,   the first to send me an email - its yours


Linda said...

It's neat! Those fishies are great. And I'm just as impressed with your son who appreciates your work. That's wonderful! Thank you for sharing your FINISHED project with us. Revel in good feelings about it!

What Comes Next? said...

Yay Sheila! Well done with your finish. I, too, am very impressed with a son who knows and appreciates what his mother does. I like your new banner, as well.

retdairyqueen said...

Great finish What next

cinzia said...

Very impressive quilt and more impressive son who knows his mum and her hobbies.
If I enjoyed applique I would take up your kind offer of the pattern as I think it is delightful but I am certain it would take me even longer than four years to completed.

Jules said...

Hasn't it turned out well birdie? I really like that - as will TP. He is a very caring son and his blog well worth a read if, like me, readers enjoy armchair travel!

Vickie said...

oh way vibrant and fresh-I am sure he will think of you lovingly as he views it upon his wall, and great to hear he has almost worn out the other quilt...cheers Vickie

linda stokes said...

Fabulous quilt! well done finishing it - your son sounds lovely.

Helen from Hobart said...

Love the wicked grins on those two fish at the bottom. Are they just planning when to eat the others ?

Lindi said...

ood for you, Sheila! I'm sure he will enjoy viewing it on his wall. It's a very fun quilt. (Love your new header. You are so clever at them!)

pegsplace said...

I love it Sheila! And you are way more patient than me! I threw in the towel on mine today and have decided to invest in a decent machine...and yours overheated! Good for you! What brand sewing machine? YOur son is a model quilter's son! :)