Sunday, February 28, 2010


Its definitely c o l d.       The shorts and t shirt have been replaced with slacks and windcheeter.  The thoughts are of packing the fan away and getting the little electric heater out for the computer room.
Quilts on the bed and the electric blanket will hit 3 tonight.
A lovely day in the sewing room.  You know some days you think.... why did I start this.... thats after reclaiming it from the corner where you threw it because everything was going wrong.   Well today was the opposite.   it all fell in place.   I finished cutting the squares for "des fleurs pour moi"  hows that for a posh title.  I nearly went into a panic when I thought I was six squares short.  But after a recount and a hunt on the cutting table I have three spare.

This is the progress so far.  Five more rows top and bottom, it is NOT stitched together only the squares in pairs, and that won't be the placement of the colours.  I just wanted to see what it would look like.   That will be the width (45 inches square) plus a border.


Jules said...

Hubby threw his hands up in horror at the electric blanket! LOL He says he would rather have your temperatures than ours, but a heated bed - no way!! This of course is 'ice man' we are talking about lol! He doesn't like the cold weather but he likes fresh air whatever the temperatures! So it is window open whatever it is doing outside.....!

The sewing looks very promising - nice mixture of squares and patterns. The little lady in her crinoline dress is so cute!

pegsplace said...

Tongue in cheek snickering happening over here! :) Cold! Pants and windbreaker! :)...We are having a warm spell, for the first of March it went up to 7 celcius! Not shorts yet but delightful! It sure is neat to see everyone start to take off their layers!

I love your colour combination for this project. What will the finished size be! I looooove the name, so french ;) and so apt because it is for you.