Thursday, February 25, 2010


pity... does anyone remember Bassetts's Licorice Alsorts.  I can't find them in Aus.  but as a child in England I really loved these.

Back to today...... well thank you for the kind comments regarding Noah's Ark.  It wasn't the kind of quilt I would hang, and having no grandkids, I was at a bit of a loss.  I was thinking along the lines of a blog giveaway, but on mentioning it to my sister Jules in UK..... she said.... We are doing a fund raising event for the Rainbows Children's Hospice and need raffle prizes like that. Is there somewhere near you similar?  So its off to England, but I do wonder what they will say when they see two kangaroos on it lol.  Its nice to know its going somewhere good, as well as getting them finished and off my hands.

What have I been doing... well making a big effort with the garden, I will show you photos, but you have to remember, in Australia it is H O T,   we don't use water for the garden except what we collect in the rain tank or from the washing machine.   These are my areas I am supposed to maintain, but sewing does get in the way.  I am trying to make it easy to maintain and very easy on the water.

Side garden under the bedroom window

Side garden by the fence, opposite the bedroom window.  btw way those middle shrubs have a nice yellow flower on them, but the smell is putrid....The Scot likes them, but I am doing my best to kill them off look after them.

Close up of the side garden.  The creatures are grazing until they get taken to better pastures ie they  belong to The Chosen One.

Gardenia Shrub, rescued from the hot front garden.  And it has flowered and there are three new buds on it

onto The Scots Territory

I popped in to ask him to smile for you

Two patio areas.  Two because the covered one came as an afterthought.

Notice the solar heating water tank. I don't think we are paying anything to heat the water at the moment

Breakfast Terrace and Sewing Area

View from the kitchen window and opposite the back door.

The fern is doing nicely now it has been moved into the shade

aha.... can I grow a Poinsettia.   I always buy one in a pot for the Christmas Table.   But they always die on me.   This one just keep looking better and better so I thought I would try it in the ground.   Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I MUST sew, some things are calling... urgent.

oh and I have joined a swap.   head held low.... but it is with my bloggingfriend Betsy.  Will tell more when she has finalised the details.


Jules said...

You are incredible birdy! The Noah's Ark wall hanging is perfect - it even has a rainbow on it (Rainbows Children's Hospice) Can't thank you enough! It is a long way to travel but hopefully will finally come to rest in UK. As long as those roos don't multiply............ lol.
Your breakfast terrace and sewing area look very cool and inviting - it is a big garden to maintain and the water situation must make everywhere quite dry. Using washing water makes good re-cycling use.

"No more swaps" Well bang goes that NYR... hahaha. Good for you - enjoy.

retdairyqueen said...

Couldnt resist the swaps ay
Your garden is lovely Mine is a jungle
Great idea for the Noahs ark quilt

Lindi said...

Nice idea!

btw, I can get some Bassetts's Licorice Alsorts any time for you. Just say the word! We have a fabulous lolly shop that imports and we go there every 5 weeks - it's just down from my hairdresser's place.

Fiesta said...

oh I am jealous indeed. All we have a frozen plants. Now that the pollen is in the air I have been sick with allergies and cannot even garden until the pollen washes away. ok, so more sewing for me. I am interested in how you use the washing machine water for gardening?? I have a rain barrel but I have not heard of the other method. Please share.

Pamela said...

Hello try this site for the licorice, I'm sure you will find somethings very interesting,.