Monday, February 08, 2010


As mentioned previously this is going to be the ONLY swap I do this year.

Today I received the final Postcard, so I can now show them to you.    A wonderfully talented group of ladies and I can see as well as improving my artistic sewing talents, I am going to have to improve my photography.

The Theme was Winter ~ and we interpret it as we wished.

BlueJay by Janet ~ Canada

Home is where the Hearth is by Brenda ~ Canada

Winter by Isabell ~ England

Winter in Missouri by Cynthia

Red Blast by Betsy USA

Winter by sheila ~ Australia

We have made the swap every two months, but we send PostCards for a girls birthday.   As my birthday was December, which was the time we were forming the group, I have to wait a year.   But

Winter Rose for sheila by Isabell


phil the pom said...

You have started something quite beautiful with this little hobby, and in touch with some clever lassies, THANKYOU ALL for starting what for me weatherwise a dull grey day but inwardly bursting with joy

Lindi said...

Lovely postcards, Sheila. I think yours stands up very well with the others. I love your little line drawing in thread. :)

Fiesta said...

Sheial they are all beautiful and would make a great display.

Jules said...

They are all simply amazing! What wonderful ideas. Beautiful, ladies. Fiesta's idea sounds good. They could go under glass as a coffee table, tray etc or you could get a postcard book and keep them all in the little sleeves which, if you turn the page, show the back. FANTASTIC.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila,

Beautiful postcards and I really love yours! A fondness for embroidery! Here is an idea: like you need another project, like another hole in the head :).....but....


Vivian said...

Those are beautiful post cards. I love the BlueJay by Janet.