Sunday, January 31, 2010


Goodness gracious - no post since last Sunday.
But I haven't been idle.   Tuesday was Australia Day and a holiday, so I was allowed to just mess around on the computer.
But since then I have been putting all my efforts into finishing "Fishes" for No1 Son.   This was started for him in 2006.
It took some time to sort things, and remember where I was - thats always the problem with UFO's but a few nights stitching and it was ready for quilting.
This is how I pin my quilts ready for quilting.   The folding table is perfect height and I don't know where I would be without it.  I should mention The Scot helps me lay them out ready not without a few disagreements, as you know He Knows These Things.

Yesterday was the quilting day.  Probably not a good day as the machine kept getting very hot  So I quilted, then did a few jobs, went back to quilt, went for a walk etc. etc.
The quilt is quite heavy and I had to watch it didn't drag.

I am not the worlds best at machine quilting, but I do manage 'meandering' quite well and this time I tried one or two subtle differences.

Today was H O T.  Not as Hot as it has been, but a bit of a North Wind so a good day to get the rod pocket and binding machined on.   It is now ready to be hand stitched tonight.   Well during the next few nights.  Its a long was round .
During breakfast I was thinking of the March theme for the PostCard swap.  I had one idea but then decided on another.  I wanted to print a photo of Dame Nellie Melba and applique it into a frame.   But unfortunately all the images I found were copyrite.   I did write to  They were very helpful, but I would have had to purchase a copy of a photo and then I am not sure I would have been able to alter it re size shape etc.  So I left that one and went with my original idea.
Foolishly I told The Scot what I was planning this morning.... he quickly pointed me in this direction

I tried to take some photos of my work in progress but every time I pressed the shutter on the camera, which was in my left hand - my right hand seemed to freeze and I did have a little flame.   So no photos of work in progress but these are all pieces ready to assemble.

This Scot is not terribly impressed with My Art Work, and thinks I should NOT be burning the edges of fabric, hence the first photo in this section.  I tried with the hot glue gun, but unfortunately there was a residue of glue and it didn't work.  Next I tried with matches, but it was difficult to control the flame.   So in the end I did it with the Electric Hot Plate on the Oven.   Which turned out perfectly but I did need to hold the fabric shape with the tongs.  And once the fabric slipped  out onto the hot plate.  Nice little flame.   But we won't tell The Scot. :)

But I am so inspired.  I think I am having brain surges, this is one I have ready to assembly to send to someone

 I have another one in the 'works' No1 Son is helping me with the Character to print out (he is studying Chinese in Taiwan.
During the course of our emails, I asked him to check if anything I was planning to do was culturally OK.
What I plan is but did you know that One other cultural taboo is having two chopsticks sticking into a bowl of rice. This is used at funerals.  Many countries many customs.


Fiesta said...

wow you have been busy.
The quilt for your son is looking great and I love the butterfly postcard. You are truly making mini works of art.

Jules said...

And I thought you were languishing on your sick bed! Lol!
That TP quilt is superb! Just love it!
The flaming fabric was so me - pyromaniac! Looking good though Birdie - great idea with unusual effects.
The butterfly card is lovely too.

Banaghaisge said...

Lovely fish quilt!!!!
Just keep up the fluids - you will be fine!

Lindi said...

You are really getting adventurous! Good for you. Try rusting, next. That's fun. The Scot won't approve of the waste of nuts and bolts etc, but there;s no need to tell him! :)