Thursday, January 21, 2010


and I thought it was quite inventive to make fabric postcards.

A relative and adopted Sister in the UK, who I correspond with and she reads my blog .

Has been telling me about the PostCards she possesses.

These were sent to her Grandmother during the 1st World War.  Sadly the Grandfather never returned to his beloved Ethel.

Ethel was one of the older sisters, my father Albert was the youngest, and from what we learn they were very close.  They were a large family, 14 I believe.

This is Albert and Ethel

Jules and I, often say how we believe they are sitting with a 'cup of tea' and laughing at how we are corresponding and talking about them now, from opposite ends of the World..

This is a photo of one of the PostCards

Isn't it exquisite and we must remember no Embroidery Machines, so it would have been Hand Stitched.

My sister has promised to send me more photos and I will make sure she writes full details, so I can do them full justice.

What a marvellous heirloom to possess.


quiltmom said...

My mom did beautiful hand embroidery for many years. Her standard wedding present was pillows and pillowcases that were embroidered for the couple. She is no longer able to do the fine work with the needle as she has arthritis but there are quite a few of her beautiful pieces still being used.
I loved these two wonderful treasures- thanks for sharing.

Jules said...

It is lovely when things are treasured. I love the work which goes into hand crafted pieces and couldn't bear to throw anything out. I have given work away if I know it is appreciated but only to good homes!!! I even have a pretty piece of embroiderd silk in a frame - no ides where it came from originally but it is very old.
Keep the art going all you crafty ladies! Someone, somewhere, will enjoy it. (I know a young medical student who still keeps the fairisle hat I knitted for him as a toddler - it is in his 'special' drawer. When I asked why he still had it he looked amazed. "You MADE it for me." - Bless!)

Fiesta said...

priceless Sheila

retdairyqueen said...

What a lovely heirloom to treasure

Getta said...

that's a lovely treasure! when my grandmas got married, they made hand embroidered wedding sheets...I think they started the work when they were almost 16 to have them ready for the day they would get married. They have been using them for 50 years and still have them, and the embroidery is still perfect, it's unbelievable :)

catsmum said...

I have a similar WWI vintage 'souvenir of France' but it's a hankie sachet [with silk hankie ] not a postcard.[ I blogged about it late last year ]
I was told many years ago - by someone who should know - that they were in fact one of the earliest instances of machine made embroidery ... but none the less precious for that.