Sunday, January 24, 2010


What does one do on a beautiful Sunday, after a very late night (well 'very' for me).

Really just mess around, but it's amazing what can be accomplished by just messing around.

No I didn't do all of it today, most of it was done over the past ? years.  Not telling how many.  This is a UFO that was promised to No1Son.
The pattern instructions were terrible, well instructions non existent, and the sizing was wrong.   But I liked it so much and it had been promised so I persevered, then it got to the stage where I just got fed up with it, and some new things took my fancy, as they do.  This was put away neatly in its own container and duly labeled UFO Present, with all the fabrics pattern pieces (such as they were).
Sometime last year I took it out again and started to join it together, but I joined the bottom fish to the top and the top to the bottom.   It looked ok, but you know when you are not happy with something you don't do it?   so it got bundled up again.
Today I took it out, unpicked, made more fishes and now there is just a little more stitching and then I can quilt it. 

Question One............... has anyone successfully used iron on pellon for a wall hanging this size  136cms  x  148cms.    Or any suggestions as to what to use.    I dont want to use the usual thicker batting but want a really thin one.

Late night must suit us because The Scot brought these in from the veggie patch

and I made this

Yes The Scot is a Real Man and he does eat quiche but as you can see it doesn't use very much zucchinni.

Question Two.....  ideas for using beautiful zucchinni.   I don't like spending too much time in the kitchen and we don't like too spicy foods, so plain is best.  Any recipes gratefully received.


Jules said...

Polly put the kettle on, we'll all have tea! That looks scrummy birdie...... We call those green things courgettes. If they grow too big they are marrows! LOL

The fish quilt is beautiful! Nice to finally finish something, especially when it has dragged on and the interest goes... but it was well worth finishing, lovely!

Tracy said...

I like my zucchini cooked on the BBQ. With the small ones just cut them in half length wise, with the larger ones cut them about 2 cm thick on an angle.
Zucchini slice is nice.
I also slice it thick and top with tomato pasta sauce and grated cheese and bake until the zucchini is soft. Yummo My kids call them Zucchini pizzas :D

I grate zucchini into Spag bo, fried rice and tuna mornay.

If you still have some left then make zucchini mustard pickles

Vickie said...

oh wow..that quilt is so vibrant well done..I used the thin iron on pellon on several hanging things and found it worked well I just made sure there was enough hangers up top and on one larger one I just put a sleeve across the quilt top back ...
Oh I sooooo love Zucchini and it is so expensive up here -grates me no end-I use it in many dishes,spag bog-rissoles-meatloaf..oh and the marvelous zuc slice..I also love to make zuc choc cake..I just found this recipe online and it is the same as the one I have been using for years..
cheers Vickie

Ali Honey said...

WE have an even bigger number of Courgettes to use. I grate them and carrot and fry till golden brown in a little oil and have as aside vege.

As long as you use little ones I like them raw on salad.

Small ones roast well - let them really brown.

If they escape detection and get a bit big scoop out the seedy part and stuff with tomato, cheese maybe olives or some red onion, or a cooked mince mixture, then roast.

Fiesta said...

Sheila the wall hanging you are making for your son looks great> I have never used pellon. I wish I coul dbe more help. I am the only one who eats zucchini and I just fry it up as a side with butter. I know it has to feel great getting produce from your own garden.

Lindi said...

Great to see you finally getting around to the fish quilt. :) Your son will be pleased.
Love Zucs. I prefer them raw in salads, too, instead of cucumber. In fact, zucs go in salads mostly and cucumbers get stir fried in this house!
Also nice stuffed with tomato/zuc/onion and cheese on top and baked.
Impossible pie is another good one (where it's eggs and zucchini and flour and once baked it forms it's own "crust".)
Or grated zucchini on a homemade pizza. Yumm!

What Comes Next? said...

Your fish quilt looks great - love the bright colours on it. With the zucchini, we had a bumper crop one year (first year we grew it and had no idea how prolific it was going to be!) That summer we made zucchini bread, cake, cookies - anything we could grate it into!. Also, added it to all sauces and soups we made, and even made some zucchini marmalade - your standard marmalade recipe with the addition of diced up zucchini in it - can't taste it, but it does add bulk to the recipe and stretched it out further. Grilled, fried, BBQ'd, stuffed. I haven'e planted zucchini since, as our neighbour always has some she is willing to share!

Sooziii said...

Love zucchini - on BBQ is great. A side dish is sliced zucchini, sliced tomato, salt, pepper, dab of butter whacked in microwave. Delicious and very very simple and easy.

Julie said...

Try grating the zucchini for your quiche, you use a lot more and for anyone who isn't a fan, they won't even notice it's inclusion!

Anonymous said...

I love your fish quilt, so bright!
We use zucchini for bread, deep fried, and that about it. I'd like to try your quiche recipe!

Neroli Henderson said...

I'm another fan of grated zucchini in quiche - and I'm not that big a fan of it generally. I just grate 1 zucchini, 1 carrot. Then saute 1 small purple onion, add the grated zucchini and carrot, pour in 3 eggs that have been pre mixed with a bit of milk and a handful of two of cheese and mix it together in a small metal handled skillet then flatten off the top.

I just cook on the stove top until set up the sides to the top and then put it under the grill to finish it off. You could also bake the whole thing in the oven. With a non stick pan it all turns out onto a plate. More frittata then quiche and much better for you. Can add celery or tomato circles or cherry tomatoes on top, basil, salt and pepper, nutmeg etc.