Thursday, January 07, 2010

Jan 07~1966

We left as 10 Pound Poms

We arrived at Essendon Airport 44 years ago at 5.10pm.
After an exciting but tiring flight.

As we had no children we were not allowed to stay in the hostel accommodation but were eexpected to find our own way.


because we arrived on the Friday we were taken to free hostel accommodation for the weekend.

The house was in Hawthorne and was very nice (from what I can remember)

we ate, then went for  walk to stretch our legs, and found a Bowling Alley, so we had a couple of games, then we went back to the hostel and slept the sleep of the innocent.  And NO JET LAG.
Remarkable, maybe I was meant to live here.

We had about three hundred pounds cash, one suitcase, and one small container being shipped.

Not a lot but The Country has been good to us.

Many stories follow on, but its good to be Australian (signature to prove it) and the kids are all fiercely Australian and very proud of it.


retdairyqueen said...

I for one am glad you came

Lindi said...

So am I! :)

Fiesta said...

Great story Sheila.

Barn Owl said...

Your gain is my lost

But yours was great
Sheila is on of the BEST.

God Bless you my Sister

Jules said...

I love your 10 Pound Pom story. You started a proper version last year. How about continuing it this year and making a whole kind of side album? It was so interesting and your kids were keen to hear the story too.

Pretty Please.......

Banaghaisge said...

Happy anniversary!!! (I am just catching up on blogs...).
I too am so glad you are a Ten Pound Pom!