Friday, January 22, 2010


What else could I flaunt this week but Postcards.
A covering letter was made .... this is the heading I did for the top.
2 are going to Canada, 2 to USA and 1 to England.

Forward thinking, I had purchased the envelopes, and obtained the customs declarations so everything was packed and ready to be sealed.
Usually at our Post Office the queue is through the shop and out of the doorway.   But yesterday I was in luck about 3 people before me.  And even more luck The Assistant was so helpful.

Yes she could stamp them for me
oh dear the ink was still wet
not to worry, we will weigh and put the stamps and record details. This done the ink was still damp,
by this time err a few more people were in the queue.   But undeterred she continued to blow and wave them hoping the ink would dry.   I asked if blotting paper might help next time.   She thought it would but ahaha
she offered to go and get some paper towel and see if that would help.   Now she took a long time, I think she was hoping that would give them more time to dry.   Carefully blotting them with the towel she declared them dry..... by this time it was out of my hands.... no way was she going to spoil them.  
This is one I have made for myself, as I intend to keep them as a set.

As this is the first Postcard I have made, I have learnt a lot as I went.  For the next ones I will make the writing plainer and probably the word PostCard a bit smaller.   If anyone has any ideas or help on this, they will be gratefully received.
And I have the next swap planned. 


Sue said...

Hi Sheila, I love making fabric postcards and usually send them off without an envelope, as you would with a normal postcard. My only hint would be to write on them before you stitch all layers together.

Jules said...

My WW1 cards were hand stitched but framed in fancy card. They were delivered - unlike many of the printed cards - in an envelope. Even then they were not trusted to the general post. I have made cards from sticking 4 small photo's onto a basic PC and have posted. One was treasured and returned to me - in perfect condition, many years later.

I like the Post Card heading. The appearance of the writing is nice and well balanced, but the script is not especially clear with one letter in particular looking like another letter (Sorry I can't remember which one now.)
Very effective though and neat. well done.

cinzia said...

Boy are there some lucky people around. Love your postcards.

Fiesta said...

Sheila when I get my next school break in April I am going to try to make one so I might need your expertise.

Helen from Hobart said...

I always send them naked like a real postcard - and NEVER had one get lost or damaged. You get bolder the more you send.

Printed back is good idea - practice with fonts and fabric. 300 thread count sheeting is BRILLIANT for any font, but looser the simpler the font needs to be.

Hugz Helen from Hobart