Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I thought you might like a picture of my Angry Dragon - frothing at the mouth in fact.   Usually he is very quiet and peaceful.

I use the water from the washing machine (via a hose connected to the outlet of the sink) to water the Patio flowers, and I often fill the Dragon Fountain. 
Guess the water was a bit soapy,
this time!

And we had a visit from Middle Son and his Chosen One.  I will show what they brought with them later.

But don't they look a handsome healthy couple.  Must be the country living.

and Sue asked in the Comments of my Last Post ..... if I had any regrets.

NONE AT ALL Sue, although sometimes the heart wanted to take over, but The Scot was here and therefore so was I.  And we have had a grande life in our Chosen Country.


Sue said...

I'm glad you're here too.

Jules said...

Ahhhhh. Lovely! They look great, how lovely - now, wot did they bring?...

Your dragon sure is foamy - the fish might not be happy with a bubble bath but I am not sure if in fact this is your fish pond...???

Our biggest fish - about 7 yrs old has died. He froze! No sign of the other two in the bigish deep pond they all were sharing. Snowing heavily............ Hubby just back from park with dog - he had to fish dog out of lake after he found him fallen through the ice!

Fiesta said...

Lovely couple Sheila.