Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I haven't fallen off the face of the earth .... well not yet.   I just seem to have this habit of getting myself into deep water.
The lack of posts, and also emails, sorry about the emails will catch up tomorrow (I hope) has been due to the Post Card Swap.
Yes once again I joined something which I had never done before.   ie  made a Postcard.

Well, fun and games, or stress and panic.    The group is made up 6 ladies, 2 from Canada, 2 from The States, 1 from UK and myself.

We have been exchanging emails, learning a little about each other and setting down the Ground Rooles.

A swap every two months the first based around the word 'Winter'.   Lots of ideas but nothing really appealed until I found this

Great we are on our way.  But hand stitching SIX of these does take some time.  Then quilted.  More of a comfort zone.

Now for the back.   I had this terrific idea.   OK great, printed out on paper to make sure I had the right size, changed it a couple of times.  Checked, double checked, ok  printed SIX rinsed ironed and had them ready to be joined.   The next day, before sewing sat and admired my work...

spelling mistake, big one, hemisphere spelt with an added e.   Oh no.
So back to design again.
This time asked The Scot to check.  Eyes rolling said what he thought of me.  Not repeatable.
All printed and ready.

I will purchase some stamps portrait orintated with an Australian theme.  Hopefully I can con the Nice Lady at the Post Office, well she does see a lot of me, to stamp it.  But will send in an envelope.

I knew there was going to be trouble joining them together.
Now I am not a Perfectionist by any way ..... just like to do my best and if I can live with it well that's fine,
but I am now sending to Other People and it just has to be a little bit better than .....' if I can live with it'.
I have having a dickens of a time with this joining. I did one (mine to practice on) and it looked not good at all.
So, change of tactics BIG MISTAKE .............they looked terrible. So short of doing them all again, I thought I would see what I could selvage ...... not too bad but then this meant I HAD TO satin stitch the edges (no possible other way as I had to cut them back).

Now on my old Elna satin stitch was a breeze .... but the motor burnt out... The Scot did fix it ... but in the meantime I acquired a New Pffaf.......... well that was about 25 odd years ago, so not so modern now. But it doesn't DO SATIN STITCH.

Moving on..... I did mine, and well thought it looked ok ... showed The Scot

silence ................ then "You are not sending that to anyone are you"

"How much time have you spent on that" by his tone I knew it didn't look good.

Breathe Breathe Breathe deeply ..................... change the colour of the thread.

Practiced and it didn't look too bad.

So I have now done 4 ...... but I really am not happy with them.

But as it is a swap............... there is a deadline ................. Executive Decision ..... on my part.... must just send them, with apologies and will try harder for the next one.

Reasonable happy with myself ........... then

Postie came

aren't they just fabulous, I really have to practice a  lot.

and also from Isobell a belated Birthday PC

I can see this is going to be a Challenging Year of Improvement.  And as I wrote and told them I really feel like the 'Poor Kid on the Block.

The next swap is due mid March and the Theme is Women of Our Country who have made their mark.
I do know what I am doing and hopefully I will be on time with a great postcard.

btw The Scot said when I showed him the finished ones................ ummmmm....... rolled his eyes ..........again.....said ummmm again and you spent a lot of time on those, but are you really sending them to someone.

Oh where is the man's creative urges?


Jules said...

Well now - I know nought at all about things like this - apart from some rather lovely satin PC's from WW1 sent by my Grandfather to my Grandmother - precious, he did not return!!!!

I think your postcards are lovely Birdie. The edging looks a bit like icicles to me...
The received ones are also beautiful. The bird one appeals and the feathers are even fluffed! The edging on that one looks like frost.
The other one is as it should be, Wintery and the birthday card is magnificiant!
As for Bill. Has he been fed and watered? Never mind the time spent - it was a challenge and you live with him don't you!? Oooo, naughty, naughty - love you really Bill....x

Fiesta said...

Sheila, I had wondered where you were.
I have been away on a small holiday to celebrate our 21st anniversary so I am catching up on my blog reading. I have never made a fabric postcards but yours look great!

Getta said...

They are lovely! I've never thought about making a fabric postcard but now I may consider it :-)

Banaghaisge said...

Ah, you are doing such immensely clever stuff!!! Well done, I don't mind waiting for a post when you are delayed by such creativity!

Lindi said...

Yours look fine to me, Sheila! I love the little stitched figures. The Scot just doesn't understand, so pay no attention to him. A little trick I learnt when doing 6 ATCs at a time - do them all as one big project with repeated designs, then cut them to size and finish the edges. Might help later on.

Anonymous said...

Oh just beautiful Sheila! So wintery and I AM a winter expert! The sides are nice too. I agree with your sister, they look like icicles and frost! I really want to make some postcards and you are inspiring me to try!

What Comes Next? said...

Oh Sheila, its good to see apost from you! Yours are lovely, and all hand done, too - even nicer knowing the work and effort that has gone into them. I had to laugh about The Scot - are you sure he's not related to my DH? I got the same response from him when I showed him my postcards!

catsmum said...

SIX of them hand stitched - that's dedication for you. Really nice job you've done there SMC !