Tuesday, January 05, 2010


yes 44 Years Ago today we left this, (the inside of the bedroom window and it is -5C) (photo supplied by Jules)

for this

It was a cold day much the same as the top photo.  We had spent Christmas and New Year with The Scot's family, then we came back to Northampton (my home town) for the remaining few days.

At my request, we said our Goodbyes inside.   The taxi arrived and The Scot and I started the first leg of our Journey through the Rest of Our Lives 
The Taxi Driver said...... are you going far
I replied...... to Australia
without bating an eyelid he said..... thought so they were all crying.

We took the Train to London.   Neither of spoke for the entire journey.  My thoughts going over the last 21 years I had spent in this fair land.

We made our way to Heathrowe Airport, and with one suitcase and our duffle coats to keep us warm.

We were off.  On a flight that would take 36hours.    You will have to wait until Thursday to find out what happened next.

And I often wonder,    what would I be doing now if I hadn't agreed to follow The Scot.  (not that there was any chance I wouldn't)

note.....    Jules sent me the first photo this morning saying it was -5C.  So I quickly grabbed the camera and went outside to send her a little bit of Aussie Sun.


Sue said...

You were so brave. Are there any regrets? A 44 year late welcome to tha land of my birth.

Sally Westcott said...

Go Girl! I'd leave that too!

I did that hen I was 11 and it was sooooooo cold! I remember walking to school in a peasouper! Find the white line in the middle of the road and then cross to the other side! That was the Hendon Way in 1965!

Hugz Sheila - you made the best move you could have!


Jules said...

Of course there were a heartful of tears for leaving family - but the pull of The Scot had to be felt! There is a song - Regrets, I have a few etc etc... Above all, Australia was blessed with UK's gift of this couple. ( - sorry s, - you reply yourself to Sue!)
Anyway - re the temps and pics. -10c and 25cms or 10inches of snow due or arrived in places. We actually had the heating on overnight (on low) last night. Snug as a bug in a rug! Northants escapes the worst weather, being a valley.

Anonymous said...

So neat Sheila...I eagerly look forward to more chapters of you story. I also moved far from family and friends, not as far but to a new culture. New family and friends :).