Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today is my blood Sister's birthday (we have adopted two other Sisters, but my Mother doesn't know)

My Sister is a few years older than I, so it it difficult to remember when we were younger.   But there are some things that spring to mind immediately.

  • She made dolls clothes and dressed a doll for me for Christmas.

  • We shared a bedroom and one Christmas we woke up and opened all our presents at 3.00 am.   Mother heard us and came in and made us wrap them all up again and go back to sleep.

  • When she was a teenager she would listen to Radio Luxenburg for all the pop songs.

  • When she went to work she gave me 1shilling a week pocket money out of her wages.  (we were quite a poor family moneywise, but not otherwise.

  • and kindest of all  when I married the Scot, she and her husband Philip cooked and served (also insisting on paying for) the meal after our wedding.  It was held at my then home.  and it was First Class.   oh and she hosted us when the Scot and I went back to visit UK/Scotland in 1994.  Taking us to a Quilt Show    on the day after we arrived.

  • This was held at Althorpe Abbey, the home of the Late Princess Di.   No we were never playmates :).

but she has learnt this modern technology of Cyberspace  and even has a blog .
And most of this she has taught herself, or has learnt via emails across the world.

I haven't seen her for 15 years now.


December must have been a  terrible headache for Mother.  Firstly there was my birthday on the 15th.  Then my sister's on the 23rd.   And my sister's eldest daughter also has a December birthday on the 20th.  Jane's blog is 

I think there must be something in the water in Northampton which is my birthplace.  My Sister has a dynasty of two daughters, four grandchildren,seven great grandchildren. wow think of all those birthdays. :)

Moving on, as one does, (sorry sis it was to the other side of the World)

This is what The Structure is for.

(Shade Cloth is to go on top, kindly supplied by Middle Son)

And you really thought it was something for me    roflo   remember we have been married for 44 years.


Jules said...

That is absolutly beautiful! The memory bit and birthday's (Happy Birthday Eileen, a quiet, unsung, big hearted, truly loving lady.)

Not so beautiful, but beautifully constructed, is The Scot's fruit cage. Quite a splendid and professional piece of work, seen in all it's glory.
J x

Fiesta said...

Sheila you and your sister must get together. Your memories of her are beautiful.
Is that squash the Scot is growing?

Lindi said...

Beautiful post Sheila. Sisters share a past that no one else can share.
Your teaser didn't fool me. Probably because I have been wanting one for ages! So the holiday offer still stands. :)

Vickie said...

aww what a lovely wording you have used to describe your memories that spring up of when you were younger...
what a treasure to have a sister like Eileen.
Barnowl has done magnificently as far as the blogging goes.
cheers Vickie
p.s I guess the argument would be that umm you will eat the crop so therefore the structure is for you too...hehehe