Saturday, December 19, 2009



now if  you are not ready, maybe next year you will pay heed to my warnings mid October that the sleeps go very quickly.    lol

Yesterday we had a 'guy' from the Enviro Green Organisation working on behalf of the Government come to assess our home for how conscious we were of the Climate Change.   A form was filled in, and then he had to check various things, like double glazing, awnings, how much electricity/water we used etc. etc.

Now this will make you laugh.   Firstly he couldn't read his compass.   We knew where North was.  I mean the middle of the day in Summer....... the Sun is  NORTH.   After putting him right with that, the Scot then proceeded to follow him around and.....

teach him how to use the Instruments.  In the photo that is the Scot with the gadget in his hand.

Fortunately for us all I had to leave for a Doctors appointment.  So no more photos.

Whilst I am talking about being careful with water, I guess there is a limit

I recycle the washing machine water onto the patio, so that I can have flower beds without the guilt of using precious water.
But  I also use it to fill the pond up for the Dragon fountain.  This is what happened today.

Next Year I am not going to do so many swaps.   Well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but I have joined this swap.   There are 6 of us and we will swap postcards on a two monthly basis, choosing the theme in turn.   The first theme is Winter.  And this is the button to add to our blogs.   I will post a link, when we start putting photos on Flickr.

The ladies are from USA, Canada, UK and of course me from Aus.   I think this is going to be a very enjoyable and interesting swap.


Jules said...

We are told not to let folk like that in lol! Do you get prior notice of them coming or are they invited by yourselves? I am afraid my radar would have not been happy if he didn't seem to know what he was doing... Glad the Scot was on the ball and made it clear that HE did!roflo Lovely pic. :-}
Sorry to not have heeded your warning lol - no decs up yet. Oh dear, I am SO stubborn and then pay the price!
Your new swap looks interesting and your snap dragons look happy, good use for spent water.

Jules said...

Just blown your pic up and can see that the frog has spawned and the snap-dragons are not snap-dragons ROFLO !!!!!!!!!!

What Comes Next? said...

Trust me, next year you tell me that time will fly I'll listen - honest! That's too funny (?) about the follow checking out your house - I would probably have shown him the door pretty quick.