Tuesday, December 29, 2009


which is how I consider the time between Christmas and the New Year.

Now what does one do in the days after Christmas...... it does feel a bit hollow, probably after all the excitement of buying presents for folks, making sure there is a nice meal and other goodies on the day.

So what Did I Do......

procrastinated mainly,    something which I am very good at.

A little sewing, but I need to do more.
Planning ahhh there is always planning
and chatting (you all know now what that means)  - emails to friends or messenger  for family.

Through one of the Quilting Lists I belong to there has been discussion on Talking Books etc.  and especially a gadget called The Kindle.   Now I have looked into this but it appears this is about $300 plus you have to buy the books to hear them, not expensive but about $11.
Now being me, I probably would have jumped in and bought one, (if it was for The Scot definitely) but I talked it over with him and he thinks it is too expensive (he is not keen on Bells and Whistles and said why couldn't I go to the library and get books)  but if I borrowed books I would have to sit and read and not sew.
So cursing under my breath being ever mindful of He Who Thinks He is Boss, I searched for other ways.

The result being.  LibroVox.. here you can download for free,  a great number of books that are in the Public Domain.  So I have decided to relive the Classics.   As a trial I first went for an old favourie "Little Women"
This I have downloaded and put on a DVD,  

Now to listen, No1 son kindly bought me a portable DVD play, when the Scot was so sick.
But last year the DVD Shop that hires them out sold up and left.   so this will be a great thing to use sitting on the swing seat and sewing whilst I listen.

On the sewing scene my friend Betsy in USA and I have started the ChristmasProjects1010 group.  This is to enable we are ready, without stress, for Christmas 2010 ummmm something like 358 more sleeps but lets not quibble.   hahahha


Jules said...

Hahaha - So pleased you resolved happily in mid-field. And 'Little Women' is LOVELY! Try 'Jo's Boys' after that. Another lovely book which follows the family as they grow. You may have read it but it is worth revisiting.

Normal service soon LOL.xxx

ozjane said...

I agree about the no mans land
although had a lovely visitor today. I am trying hard to get cleared up to make a commissioned quilt and I am scared stiff but my friends who I tried to get to take the commission are (bless their socks) now writing to offer their help and sewing machines.
So tomorrow is air con on and tidy this mess, and then on New Years Eve I can start to pack up those decorations.....that is about as long as I think I can last.
I am glad you tried the alternative...I am still holding off on the IPod so something like that would be good for me also.
Got the portable DVD after seeing one in the rehab place after the last knee replacement....not that I have used it heaps.....but they would also go in the computer which is in this den of iniquity also.

Fiesta said...

Sheila I looked into the kindle but like you it would take away my sewing and gardening time.
If there are thrift shops in your area that is also a great source for books or do an exchange with local friends.
I am sure that like everything electronic that is new, the kindle will also go down in price.
In reality if you and hubby share it, it would not be such an expense and I hear that about 1000 books are free for download. Barnes and Nobles just came out with one and I think it is $250..??

quiltingnana said...

yes, the old classics...I recently reread Wuthering Heights...hadn't done so since teen years.

What Comes Next? said...

great idea Sheila! and I think your Christmas 2010 prep group is marvelous. I've just joined! I'm with you on the no man's land and procrastination - so many thigs I could be working on... Ah well, 2010 here we come!

Julie Donovan said...

I have also been doing the "will I/won't I" consideration of a Kindle. Like you I hardly need another distraction, I have too many projects needing my attention. I have settled for the MP3player with free downloads from my local library for now!

Jenny said...

Procrastination - I can relate to that!! Think it should be my middle name. Have just been to check out your lovely sister's blog too. 3/4 of an antique, I like that!!

Jenny from New Zealand