Tuesday, December 08, 2009


and his not so able Assistant.

Life is never dull with The Scot.
Decorations are going up at fantastic rate, but I requested some help with the ones for the lounge.

Last Year they seemed to become all tangled and The Scot said.... "should have done it my way".

Its raining constantly at the moment, so I conned him into helping.  Should have know better.

This is the Mathematician's idea of the decoration

 he sat with his calculator working out the length and distance.  It doesn't appear so in the photo but they are all the same length.

He grumbles he can't read my mind......

So after a bit of bribing

This is nearly what I wanted, did not dare say anything else, but next year I will try to do it myself.


Jules said...

Bless him! (not half!) At least you didn't end up with a pawnbroker's sign roflo....... Remember those?

It is all getting very festive in your house birdy. Can't wait for the tour.... (No rulers, measures or anything like that honestly - apart from I can't speak for John...... I will pass on comments to you lol)

Gina said...

I've got one exactly the same. He'll spend ages making sure everything is evenly balanced and the same distance apart. You should see his reaction when I've accidently on purpose made our pictures on the wall ever so slightly wonky. He'll take hours putting them back straight.

Love and hugs GIna xxx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Sheila I love reading your posts!!!

Sarah said...

Who else but the Scot would use a calculator to hang holiday decorations :)