Thursday, December 31, 2009


Confucius Says........
To know what we know,
and know what we do not know,
is wisdom.

On the last day of the year I like to reflect on what has passed, no regrets, what happened - happened, and what didn't happen - didn't happen.

I really am 'a cup runneth over' type of person, my glass is never big enough, let alone being half full.

But this year has been much better that the previous.  The Scot recovered (they were not going to take him without a battle with me.  And he continues to be healthy...

We had all the bills paid on time, food on the table, no debts, and spending money.  The Scot saved his.... and of course mine was spent usually months in advance.

The three kids continue to make the World a better place, quite scattered around tho.  

Emails were sent around the World to my blood sister and my two adopted sisters in the UK.  We have a great network, the four of us knowing the other three are there.

I taught my niece in UK to quilt.   Another Quilter "Peacing" her way in the world.  She has branched off, and is doing her own thing now, I believe, but it was nice to get another family member quilting.

Some Quilts were finished, but alas more things started.
Some marvellous swaps, and most have become blogging or email friends.

I think the most I learnt during the year was



Jules said...

Bit confused here until I remembered what day it is LOL! You don't go to bed until the morning of a day ahead of me!!!! Tomorrow therefore is our last day of the year for us. It's been a looooooooong weeeeeeeeeeeek! roflo.
Your reflections are good and positive as ever. I suppose in changing the year number we can take time to reflect on the last number but I tend to just get on with life, a bit like a clock. Even tick which might require a new battery or winding up every so often, but -time, -what's that? Hahaha - and I know you are the same! Stock taking should be done, you are right. Now.... What can I put right or change for the better?......Certainly need more get-up-and-go, plus more enthusiasm in general, less weight and less chat!!! LOL - more sewing and reading! x

Fiesta said...

so true Sheila. One more day for us before we ring in the new year.
I think there may be some surprises in store for us in the new year. A "Ring" may be involved.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sounds all in all a good year Sheila....Happy 2010...

Julie said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful year all in all!

quiltmom said...

Thank you for celebrating your life's blessings- It is a great way to view life.
My wish for you and yours is that you and your loved ones continue to enjoy good health, and prosperity.
I look forward to reading your news from the land down under.
Warmest regards,