Thursday, December 24, 2009


One of these years The Ghost of Christmas Eve will visit him!


Vickie said...

the caption really reads..
"woman will you let me read my paper",
cheers Vickie

Jules said...

With humour like that?! NAH.

Enjoy..... xxx

Jules said...

It is 5.05pm here and 4.05am with you right now.

Tell Scrooge Tiny Tim has been crying for hours and his stocking is empty.... Plus, I have just seen a mighty big sleigh heading your way so maybe, just maybe, he forgot something? (A Mr T for the garden? I did shout, "Hey, come back, just drop it nearby but.... Hahaha... I can see you are busy so she will forgive you as ever and will not mind a trip out later in the week to find him - big hug from up top.(((B))) Oooo - can I hear sleigh bells again.... shhhhh.

What Comes Next? said...

too funny! Hmmm - a little cooler today? Looks like a warm sweater...
Tell Scrooge - Bah! Humbug!