Friday, December 11, 2009


Christmas Time is a very quiet time for The Scot and myself.  My three children are off in the wide world making it a better place.  I have no grandchildren and my immediate family are all in the UK.

So even tho its just the two of us,  Christmas has a lot of memories for me, in all the past lives I have lived, as a child, teenager, chasing The Scot, first years married, and then the little people.  I hope I gave my kids some of the delights that I remember of Christmas.  the Scot thinks I go a bit overboard.   The first year all the kids had left home, I didn't 'do' any decorations, and when they visited they all wanted to know, where's the tree? where are the decorations?  So even tho I mainly do it for myself, I think The Scot secretly likes it, even if he does roll his eyes whilst hunting for his tape measure. lol

ok I invite you for a visit

Welcome to No 21

Opening the front door this is what you see

Look to the right and here is my favourite Quilt

The Cuckoo Clock bought in Switzerland on our Homeymoon, is ideal for this Snowman Wallhanging

Looking into the lounge we see the carefully measured  by The Scot, adjusted by me, central decoration

The Advent Calender containing chocolate hearts that the Scot has to eat each each day

The Christmas Tree.  The Keeper of The Tree.  The Nativity Scene.  The basket wallhanging which was made by me approximately 30 years ago.  The Santa Tassel that I made.

A made by me Musical Box that plays Greensleeves

My new wall quilt from Betsy (from the 4 Seasons Swap)

The picture gets a little bling as well

Looking into the Dining Room

The table runner made by Betsy.  Another swap.   It so nice how I seem to be matched up with Betsy for different Christmas Swaps

My Pride and Joy.... Irish Lanterns Quilt.   This was made using Anjii's Angles and was printed in her Book

The Resting Place for weary Santas

The precious
Santa Gang

Santa Lights



Christmas Mugs
Wanna be Santas.

Tomorrow I will take you out to The Patio.   Then through the Hallway and the Bedroom.


Sally Westcott said...

Sheila! You have Santa in every corner! Makes my little effort look feeble! Reminds me - I must photograph our tree! Hugz

Jane or Ozjane said...

Looking lovely as usual.
Congratulations on all that lovely work.

Fran C said...

A very Christmassy home lovely quilts and bibs and bobs

Jo in TAS said...

Beautiful decorations, they deserve to come out once a year!

Margaret said...

It all looks lovely Sheila. Enjoy your Christmas! Hugz, Margaret

retdairyqueen said...

Oh so Christmassy It looks lovely
So many lovely things you have made ( and Others for you)
Ilove it

cinzia said...

thank you for the kind invitation and all of the trouble you have gone to making it seem as though you welcome visitors.
Your welcome star has to be my favourite. Did you make it? If yes .. how?

Looking forward to checking out the rest of the house on my next visit.

PS I don't think your selection of random words for verification is really appropriate.. I haven't 'winged' at all... my word was winge

Daphne said...

What a lovely welcoming place your home must be at Christmas with all of your beautiful quilty hangings and bibs and bobs. You leave me for dead!

Anonymous said...

Your home is so beautifully decorated and all you need is some of our snow from the blizzard that just dopped 10 feet on us! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Vonne K in Minnesota, USA

Sue said...

I love your decorating and I recognise the newest Santa with his mates. Don't you hate January
6th when the decs are packed away and the house looks empty.

Julie said...

A truly lovely tour of your beautifully decorated home! Thanks for the virtual 'trip'

Fiesta said...

Sheila how well you do this. Your house looks fabulous and the spirit of Christmas is everywhere. Beautiful.

Jules said...

Blown away! Lovely tour - didn't feel the crush of all these visitors - I am no 13 - but lucky for some!

How lovely - sure echo the sentiments of all the previous comments - and heh Birdy, guess who will pop in on Christmas Day, besides Santa - yep, folk from UK.. Not in person but certainly via cyber. xxx

Lindi said...

Now that's Christmas! I just love all your decorating work, Sheila. Have a really lovely lead up to Christmas. :)

IraSmir said...

Magic Christmas and New Year! As it is beautiful! We in Russia too very brightly decorate our house, but a bit later. Christmas in Russia on January, 7th! I congratulate also all the best!!!!