Sunday, December 13, 2009


from my disastrous yesterday. this morning I looked in the mirror the mirror screamed back

I have decided I will leave it until tomorrow and then take the scissors to it.
but on my walk, I was going over this in my mind and I decided I would ring them and complain.

Which I have done. It took me ages to find the phone number, they gave me no receipt, but the name was on the CC receipt. The Internet was a great help and I located the shop and phone number.

It was a tad difficult getting to speak to the Manager, but I did speak to the guy who was at the Reception Desk. You know the sort of voice you get when you ring with problems regarding anything. I usually ask them how the Cricket is going, but today I was in no mood for jokes.

He kept saying the line was very bad and he couldn't hear. So I SHOUTED. I told him he would remember me.... I was the old lady who had forgotten her pin number...... he remembered. I proceeded to tell him it was the worse haircut I had ever had, and the manner of the "Cutter" was very bad. He tried to interrupt (haha try to stop me once I get going) but I had my say finishing with the words TEN DOLLARS FOR TEN SNIPS OF SCISSORS.  I  guess you get what you pay for.
 He said that I was to go in today and they would fix it. I told him I was not letting anyone in that 'place' near my hair again, and if anyone asked I would recommend they never go near the place.

And yes I do feel better.                          Look No .... but feeling Yes .

moving on to nicer things

do you remember I said I was hoping to win an online competition, in my dreams. But I am not doing too badly.

Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest

Voting is open until 16th December

The Quilts I entered are

Large Quilt

and Small Quilt

so do go have a look at some Wonderful Christmas Eye Candy

and if you like mine please vote.  
If you prefer another please dont tell me     evbg.

to do this click on the icon below
Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest
follow the blue links which are underlined.


Anonymous said...

Oh, poor you Sheila! Bad haircuts happen and I have experienced them, especially in this region where it seems that looks are all that matters :(. Good for you for calling the place and complaining but sometimes they can fix a problem and not charge you, although I did this and it only made it worse :(...I will go and vote! Your quilts are so lovely! I also really enjoyed the tour of your house, thanks for inviting me in!


Jules said...

I ducked! All the way over here - I ducked! Roflo... The cutter left a bee in your bonnet and well done you for saying how you felt.

Bad line!.. my word verification is - damb-liar! lol... Naughty me for seeing word links like that!

I will try to vote but can only do my best lol. Truly, truly they are both lovely, but I think the nativity is beautiful.

Fiesta said...

Sheila sometimes it just feels good to speak your mind. I am off to vote.

Jules said...

Voted! There are some real beauties there, good to have competion and a bit of fun. You are doing really well too - I think I was 11 on the Nativity one. I really felt for those with no votes at all though, so nearly put a vote in for them lol. All better than I could do so all get the thumbs up from me. rolflo

Elaine Adair said...

??? no photo yet? Maybe it's not as bad as you think? How brave are you, huh, huh, huh????? Just think if it's really bad, we'll all comment and make you feel better and warm and friendly and more loved and .... huh, huh???

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila,
I popped in from quilt contest site where I read your comment and just wanted to say I agree with you about top stop lady and equal votes.
Your Nativity is very nice and alot of work, Great job.
I did notice a table runner was to big for the small category also.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Sometimes the griping is worth more than the redo would have been. Thanks for the comment on my big SouthAfrican quilt and the Bargello. I did a textural meandering feather thing. It is about to be sent to the a non quilter...who I am sure will enjoy it. Thanks for the kind comments.

Lindi said...

I've voted, Sheila! You are doing well considering some of those entries!
Good for you letting off steam at the right place! Don't you have a regular hairdresser? They are essential in my book.