Friday, December 18, 2009


I can't show what I am sewing as .... they are presents, and I know the recipients read my blog ... so here is an assortment of

'Celebrate Christmas'   A Quilt I stitched a few years ago.   Rather large.  Note to myself..... check where you are going to put the finished article.   This hangs nicely on the wall to the right of where the photo is taken, but unfortunately that is in the narrow hallway.

The Scot kindly held it for the (not very good) photo.

Two of the presents from Francesca in the Advent Swap.  (one gift a day leading up until Christmas Day)  Francesca has been the most wonderful swap partner and I have received some wonderful gifts from her.

Beautiful scissors and the Ladybird is full of Bath Gel, but I dont think I can bear to open it.

And not only but also, a present from No1Son who now lives in Taiwan.  This was delivered yesterday.  Although what The Scot and I are going to do with 10 deluxe Christmas Bon Bons and Party Poppers makes the imaination run riot.  But thank you No1 Son it was a lovely thoughtful gift. 

And another parcel, most of which are under the tree, but I was allowed to open this one.  Its the one on the left in a 'Sisters Christmas Swap' from my adopted sister in UK.
The hanging on the right is from Francesca.

Just a sneak peek at the sewing.  I am in a Postcard Swap.  This is a new group of 6 quilters from around the world.  But more on that when we get established.

This is for the first swap which is .......Winter


Sooziii said...

Love your Celebrate the Season quilt - have decided I have to make a christmas quilt/wallhanging for next year - have so much chrissy fabric in my

Keep the comments coming on The Man - wrinkles go on toward the end otherwise they get painted over and you can't see them - sometimes it is better to see through someone else's eyes so don't stop

Fiesta said...

Sheila you have got the best Christmas displays I have ever seen.

cinzia said...

Celebrate the Seasons has long been a favourite.. I just wish I didn't have to do so much applique to get one:)

Your postcard swap sounds interesting too. Nice number.. rather more manageable than the usual 12 or so.

Jules said...

Where to start! The quilt is just lovely! Fantastic work and beautiful to see.

I should be sewing in front of a roaring fire - I can picture the scene now.. Why? Well we have 2inches of snow now or probably more and it is comung down very heavily. A most beautiful butterfly which was hibernating in the wood pile has come in with the wood for the fire and the poor thing is flying around. Bloke has just put it in the very cool conservatory in the hope it will go back to sleep. Ah - four inches of snow, just announced. Airports are closed and schools! Ha! Up to 8 inches saying now. Uk can't cope!

Butterfly reminded me of No 1 son - has it hatched? His gift is lovely, most thoughtful. Get the neighbours round for a knees up!