Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I haven't fallen off the planet yet.  It has just been a busy few days.   I have been trying to get my presents finished for my Sisters' Christmas Swap.  We decided that as it was the Festive Season we would include a small gift for the menfolk.  I struggled with what to get them, then suddenly

I had this terrific idea.  Unfortunately I had to track down some 'ingredients'.  Having found them I made four, one for The Scot.  Then you know what happened, yes I hadn't done it as He wanted it.   And I must admit he was right.   So I had a bit of unpicking to do, but now they are finished.
Moral......ask The Scot first, even if you don't like his answer.

But the best news is.....the arrival of my Advent Swap Parcel.  See the logo on the right hand side of the blog.  and thank you Fiona Julie and Joe for being such great Swap Moms.

My swap partner was Francesca who lives in Italy.  With my non Italian Francesca has excellent English.

The Customs People must be curious as to all my parcels going in and out of the Country because..... yes they had opened my parcel again.

This is one of the leaflets they enclosed.  I think they must have had a hard task fitting them all back into the box.  It was very tightly and orderly packed.  But nothing was taken and they sealed it up again very thoroughly

Onto the exciting part, see how well Francesca had packed it.  I had to get the scissors to the job.

and this is my parcel.   One gift to be opened each day before Christmas.  So I will keep you posted on the goodies I open.

The 1st Present was opened, delicious biscuits.  Unfotunately they did get a little crushed, but hey who minds crushed biscuits when they are so delicious. 
Francesca - The Scot said to tell you .... the biscuits like him very much indeed.

and 2nd day pressie two Jingle Bells.   Francesca had written a little explaination on each present.  This one said Jingle Bells.

I will keep you up todate on each days surprise.

The reason for my absence is The Great Tidy Up.   I know, I know, I have said it before.   But I really like what is happening now.

A few photos.
The bookcase was lifted from the floor opposite, as I think its perfect for keeping my bead containers on.

The stereo was move over and fits in very well.

This will have to wait until tomorrow.

and the Christmas Tree is trying desperately to make its presence known.


Jules said...

Never mind your blog - my man wants to know what your man was making a while back!!! ROFLO. They are taking over! HELP!

You have been very busy - and what lovely gifts you have... I am not at all surprised the 'postie'(know it is not actually him!) opens your parcels - so would I, they are so lovely and exiting. Good excuse in the name of security! I am about to declare mine - I think an A4 size extra might be added so they don't undo it! A picture of contents even.... NB:- Greet the postie with closed eyes and place all parcels under the tree, with a cloth over them! LOL. Or you could ask your postie to remove the dec before handing to you!roflo. Nice to know you are so well protected though isn't it? Just had an idea - I might include a nice bag of sweets for the customs to enjoy whilst they repack! ha! Carry on with your work my good woman - and Scotty - please put John out of his misery and take a pic of what you were/are making! Oh dear! roflo.

Fiesta said...

Lucky you my dear. Prezzies to opne. I see you are getting ready. Can't wait. I hope the Scot has gathered his strenght

Peggy said...

Ah the joys of reorganizing and the moments we choose to do it! :). I am forever in that mode, looking for the best possible arrangement to create! I think that I have found mine...but waiting for the spring when my old kitchen cabinets will go into my sewing room! Oh what fun!

I can't wait to see your tree, all decorated! I thought of you when we put up our lights!