Saturday, December 12, 2009


Yes, I finally made it to the hairdressers.  In my young days (where have they gone) my hair was thick, wiry and RED. 

Today it is, white and very very fine as in very very very fine.

The Scot said I shouldn't go to the Shopping Centre on a Saturday morning, it would be too busy.  But I have been working in the garden all week and didn't want to stop to go to the hairdressers ... so I had to go.

The Carpark was busy, but I have learnt over the years if you watch the rows and look for people who are carrying packages you can usually wait and get park.  Today this worked and I was parked in the first row.  Great thinks I, a good start to the day.    hahahha

where is the hairdressers shop.    It wasn't there.  I even walk up and down a couple of times just to make sure.   But no there was some el cheapo shop in its place.  ummm now what to do.  I wasn't over familar with this particular SC.  But I found one of those new touch screen boards.  No hairdressers .... of course silly woman look under Health and Beauty.   I found a shop walked there and looked at the prices..... oh no my goodness $40 for a trim.    Oh no not on your nelly mate.   So back to the board and I found another.   This price list looked beter $10.    I know I know I should have known better.

It was quite busy, and I was seated quickly.   The lady who cut my hair was one right MISERY.  Face as long as next year, I tried to make conversation but no.  She lifted my fringe (which was almost in my eyes) asking.... do you want the fringe cut? !!!!
It went from bad to worse.  I told her I wanted it layered to make it look not so fine at the top back.
She lifted it and said I can't cut that its short already.   I would say she made about 10 cuts with the scissors in all. 
She then asked if I was English.   I said no Australian but born in England.  I did gain that she was from India, she had been here 3 years, she missed her family, she was going back.
But was that an excuse to give me a Bad Hair Cut.

ah well I will no go back there again.  I will let the hair sit until tomorrow then I will take to it with the scissors.   To see if I can make it decent for a Christmas Photo.

oh and guess what.    I went to pay and used my M/c.   I said Credit Card, the guy said.... sorry only over $20.  So I said ok make it Savings (it was the same card).   But for Savings I have to put my pin number in, for Credit I just sign.   and   MY MIND WENT BLANK    I couldn't remember the number.
This was then embarrassing.  I tried twice and it didn't work.  There were quite a few people behind me now.
In the end the guy said, you just sign for credit, I said yes.  Ok make it credit.
I didn't comment that earlier he said it had to be over 20 dollars.  just signed and left.  I wont be going there again.

But to calm myself down.  I found this guy.  I think I will call him my Bad Haircut Santa

and this afternoon I had tea on the patio with The Scot.  Doesn't He look a Happy Chappie.


Jules said...

Ah, bless you! I so know that feeling, on all counts.

It must be the Christmas trimmings which stir us into action (trimmings? get it? - sorry!)

Yesterday I was fed up with looking like Mother Claus and decided to go for it, with a bottle of hair colour!
I am now ginger! Well - it has that tinge to it. It will wash out in 28 washes! What I really wanted was Viking Blonde - forget the body - look steadily at the round blob on the top.....

Oh dear - have to laugh - thanks for mail too............

I am sure you look just.... differnt..... and a change is as good as a rest! The Scot looks delighted with the new look - but watch where he puts those hedge trimmers.....

retdairyqueen said...

What a day you had, but then you did talk to me and that made my day

Fiesta said...

what a day my dear. The Scot is happy cause you are out of the mall and home with him!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Sheila that hair cut doesn't look that bad!!! The Scot looks very comfy there♥x

Elaine Adair said...

Oh yes, we've all been there. Next haircut I'm going to ask her to cut it LONGER! Somehow, the shape has gotten lost from what I started with. Wish I knew the right 'lauguage' to use for hairdressers to understand. So, are you brave? will you show it to us????

Lindi said...

oh Sheila! Why ever don't we say what we really think at the hairdressers? Like: "I hate this! I'm not paying full price! You haven't really cut it properly!"

Jackie said...

Hi Sheila, Been a while. I'm with you, I refuse to pay a fortune for a haircut. I go to a local lady who works out of the back of her parents home. Last time I had a cut/trim she only charged me $15. I'm guessing it would probably be a nice stroll from your place as well. Could be worth giving her a call next time you need a trim.

Mary's Hairdressing
9558 4011
60 Hillside St
Springvale North