Saturday, December 26, 2009


for the New Year.   Or do you need a few more days rest to recover.

I hope your Christmas Day was as Peaceful and enjoyable as mine.  The turkey was perfect, pavlova melted in the mouth and the Presents just super.

I have never had so many parcels to  open under the tree.

These are an assortment that I received from my Sisters (blood and adopted :) )  what isn't there has been used or eaten.

and we also included the "Mr" Sisters, making them a small gift.  The Scot received a super pen, a little stocking (well he is Mr. Scrooge) a bookmark and a book of Senior Moments.  When he has read it I will borrow it and maybe give you some little gems.

Next the last two gifts from Francesca, my Italian Swap partner in the Advent Swap.  Francesca send me some wonderful parcels and she included a little note on each wrapped gift.

 just look at this Quilt hanging, which will have to go over my computer desk

I dont really think I deserve it.

and also this

A super Christmas Tree.  This was great to receive as it has been one of the topics of conversation on one of Quilting Lists I belong..

A truly wonderful Christmas, very quiet, but I dont think I could handle noise.  And such a lot of presents.

And finally QuiltingFiesta, ( you must go look at her blog and see what MrQuiltyFiesta gave her for Christmas) and I  have been emailing and we are going to be making one present or ornament a month and will show it, in the hopes of giving each other, and others ideas for presents.   Why not join us.
I made myself a little logo (yes bells and whistles again lol)

and I will keep a note of all that I do in my side bar.  Just to keep me inspired.


Vickie said...

oh my what lovely gifties you have there...I know for me it was a joy having several different home made with love gifts to open-oh I am so hanging for Pav everyone is talking about pav and cheesecake - I guess I will be making one real soon..hmm one item a month sounds doable I shall have to see and boy what a remarkable gift Mr quilty Fiesta gave to Mrs Quilty Fiesta hey...cheers Vickie
(who is cowering form the thundering skies ekkkk-can't we just have rain without the flash and bang)

Fiesta said...

Sheila you did great! You are such a good friend.I made a yahoo group for us too.

Jules said...

Wow! You had a ball there birdie! Glad it was a happy day.

keeeeeeeeeeeep bloging!

Sarah said...

Yes, I am SO ready for a new year! so how many days until next Christmas?

Not Lucy said...

I was wondering the same thing Sara - where is the countdown till next Christmas!?!?

cinzia said...

So you really had been a good girl last year. n
looking forward to the ornament swap, great idea

Lindi said...

What a fun time!

pegsplace said...

Oh Sheila, your abundance of gifts shows just how truly wonderful a friend you are! I love that quilted tree and your wall hanging and your other assortment of gifts! Sisters are something aren't they! I had my birthday just before Christmas and my sister gave me a quilting book. I haven't blogged because I have been computerless...:(....dreadful experience but one that was okay due to it being Christmas.

Can I join your 2010 presents group? I will put the logo on my blog and I would love to join your yahoo group! I had just been talking about doing this with a few people from a Malaysia needlework group.

We are headed to Montreal for the New Year, just a small family see our favourite band and me running a 5km resolution run! :)...Goals!

Take care

Oh...what is Pav?