Wednesday, December 09, 2009


There is not going to be much of a blog post tonight. 
The day has been spent in the garden, the patio areas are mine (that means I get to say what goes where) so I have to look after them.  I also put some decorations up, as we spend a lot of time outside during Christmas.

But I am too tired, I will probably sleep whilst The Scot watches the TV tonight.  I don't think Dr. Who, Wire in the Blood or anything with a hunk in, would keep my awake.  And I think I must be getting older, my back is so sore, I am sitting here

now just picture it

no shoes, shorts, t shirt and a hot water bottle at my back.  Not a pretty sight, believe you me.

But this is just a quick photo of the The Fishpond.  It doesn't usually have the large fountain, The Scot has promised to clean it out tomorrow.


Jules said...

Now you must take care. Both gardening and hanging decorations will cause your back to give you pain. Take a few days off such activities and enjoy what you have done - with a change of position from chair to lounger and short walks. Matron has spoken!!! LOL.

The pond is looking lovely and how nice to see the flowers......
(My word verification is back tar - not that spelling but sounds like! Well it would retain heat! lol)

Jane or Ozjane said...

I like the green and lush patio.
My back feels a bit like you back tonight......too much sitting on a Wed for me then I trudged through Safeway/Woolworths tonight after 8.30.
But my garden looks good as it was the handyman's day..I gave him some little pots of things like daisy and shasta daisy and wormwood and said...plant them along there....about 18" in.
I may have to move or prune the wormwood in time. It will look nice and grey where it is but it may get too big. It is in front of a not too big (as yet) crab apple but I guess that will grow bigger.
We planted some lawn seed with wetta stuff in it while the ground was nice and wet in the spots that are bare.

Love the new Christmas heading.