Tuesday, November 10, 2009


it was H O T today, 36.4 degrees, and it doesn't look like cooling down until Sunday.

Please someone send me some snow.

So what does The Scot do

But he deserved to.  He cleaned the oven for me this morning.   Cleaning ovens is my second least favourite job.

My first least favourite job is cleaning the shower and bathroom.  I think we should all have a tiled area outside and a hose.  As you can tell Housework is not on my list of Priorities.

But I cleaned the bathroom, then this afternoon I did this .

so now for the rest of this H O T week.   I intend to get up early and only do housework until 10.00 am.  Then its the air conditioner and the sewing room.


Fiesta said...

sounds like agreat plan Sheila.

Vickie said...

oh I remember them stinkin hot days like it was yesterday..yuk...yuk and triple yuk for you...good on the scot for cleaning the oven-I am banned from cleaning the oven as I burn myself quite badly with oven cleaner several years ago--hellava way to get out of a job-oh good girl yes do the ironing and some cleaning and then whack the ac on and stay indoors,cheers Vickie

Jules said...

OH.. MY....

John says please can he have some of your sun and warmth? You are welcome to this damp cold!

Everything in moderation I say. The scot is a good egg for cleaning the oven. Cleaning the shower easy... strip off, spray cleaner and with a brush take a little exercise where no-one can see...... up to the top, down to the grooves - but don't fall over lol. Spray everywhere, including yourself with cold water - job done, lie down! That and the ironing is about the only job I don't mind! Providing there is not much of it! lol.

DivertiCreando said...

noooooo... I want your warmth!!!!! This morning was 2°C...
If you want I'll send you some snow ^^

Elaine Adair said...

What an amazing time we live it - to speak instantly to people on the other side of this PLANET! We are facing winter soon, and you are struggling with too much heat. Well, the man looks comfy! 8-))

Molly said...

Hah! We just got rid of the stinky hottest part of the year and now it's bliss.....open windows, cool breezes, but nothing so extreme as....shudder....snow! I could operate on your plan!

ozjane said...

Hate hate heat.
sitting here under fan with 2 air conditioners on......sorry about those black balloons BUT...I am going to say I am in the high risk area of the population that is told to stay inside and stay cool.
I hardly ever need to worry about shower...if you use products without soap...with synthetic soap etc...it does not get grotty....mine gets a light go over by cleaning lady once a week.
I am trying to plan a re do of the ensuite.....can I afford this???
Can I stop buying fabric??
Went to collect car....first repair other than services and a flat tyre and a flat battery in 16 years...was an oil pump and only $400 and a clean car......wheeee!!
And my RACV total care covered the towing by tray truck. First time I have used it.
I am a happy girl. saw my plans for maybe doing up ensuite going on car but good garage man.
but it is hot....so got car before 10 am and yes I was up, hair washed and dressed....one of our sit and sew ladies died after a long time on oxygen...couple of years...so funeral at 2.30 today.
How come when we are close to the south pole we are getting dryer and hotter......??
This could have been an email!!!