Thursday, November 19, 2009


the mercury goes up

and it gets hot - what do we do

The Scot has scanned all the slides, negatives and photographs we can find and is going to put them into some sort of order, and then burn them to a DVD. several DVD's.  
For posterity - do you think?

I also keep myself busy

In between making plenty of cold drinks, to keep the fluid intake up.
Cranberry Chaser for the Scot
Iced Green Tea for the worker.

You remember I often tell you about a little shop down at the local shopping centre, the one I have banned myself from, except once a week, you know the one where they have all the chrissy decorations.  Well on Monday, whilst The Scot went for a haircut I snook in and found this fake cyrstal decoration to hang on the patio.


Brenda said...

The cranberry chaser seems more Christmassy!

Jules said...

Keep cool, keep chasing - whoops sorry - keep supplying chasers to maintain the fluid levels and enjoy that bag making.... looking good.