Monday, November 23, 2009


Today I had a welcome visitor. Its always a joy to see my kids as I don't see them very often. They seem to have inherited the 'itchy feet syndrom'. The Princess lives on the Victoria/NSW border, a good 4 hour drive away.  No 1 Son lives in Taiwan .

Middle Son lives in the opposite direction to The Princess about 4 hours away.

but  rang to say he was taking Chosen One to the hospital in Melbourne as she had knocked her hand and needed a minor operation.
He is my Waterloo (Victory and Defeat in one foul swoop).   Married life must suit him as I thought he looked very well. We had coffee and caught up on a lot of news. Then The Scot said "follow me" and had to show all his boy's toys. I thought this photo was really very funny.... quite like .... Son follow me, I'm off to show teach you how to play..

Middle Son did beat a hasty retreat after, I mentioned the grey hairs that were growing lol...... but not until after he had left quite a number of boxes,  just thrown in the boot just in case I could store them for him. He and Chosen One are on the move again. This time closer to Melbourne but what he calls the suburbs, and I always thought I lived in the suburbs. But apparently our area is classed as Inner Melbourne now. Just go to show how the population is spreading.

After Middle Son left.   I made us a cup of coffee and The Scot said..... "you are like a cat with a large saucer of milk - it doesn't take much to please you, does it?"       Most Mothers are the same, just a quick visit or phone call and they are in seventh heaven.


retdairyqueen said...

What a welcome visitor and I,m sure you enjoyed your saucer of milk
Purr Purr

Barn Owl said...

I quite agree with you both.

Jules said...

Pics say it all re Father and Son - lol. And don't they both look well and happy?

As for you - well I guess the lense just wasn't wide enough.... (The Grin!) So pleased. XXX ((())) :-)

Barn Owl said...

And the Little one said
"Hey don't forget me I'm The Daddy the one with all the Brains in this outfit." HeHeHe
Good on yur Scottie.

Not Lucy said...

I know how you feel! I have found I like our empty nest (when we have it) but I also like it when my kids come to see me. Right now our son (the baby) is home from college for a week for Thanksgiving. It is great!

Lindi said...

Yep, they bring joy with them when they visit! Nice change from when they first moved out and the only visits were to borrow! lol

ozjane said...

Happy for you........but it looks like the pot calling the kettle black...think Dad was at the cream also.
By the way I got boxes to pack my shelves up to put out Christmas decorations proud of me.

Molly said...

Yup! We're all like that---easy to please! Wish mine were close enough to "pop in" more often!

What Comes Next? said...

always nice to get visits like that!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the off spring's visits are nice :). My son has been home for the last two week-ends and it was nice for us all! I see you are still counting down ;). I'm working on Christmas wallhangings of past ...WIPs.