Friday, November 27, 2009


but I am hoping to save my Friday Flaunt until tomorrow when it will be finished and hanging in the lounge.

Today was quite humid after all the rain.  We finished having 10 mms, not a lot but it all goes to help filling up the tank for the really hot weather.

And worst of all I had to go shopping for 'underwear' I will say no more.

But to treat myself I did go into the Christmas shop and buy some goodies.  Making the excuse I was going to buy a Diary for The Scot.   He didn't come shopping thank goodness prefering to stay home and play work on his project.  The one I haven't shown the finish of yet.

This is a bit further on... of the Christmas Decoration.   I need to change the background but can't find what I want.   I was hoping for some blue with gold stars on.  I have one piece of fabric but its not big enough, so I will continue the hunt.

These I am making, well not the stars, but the gold thingies under.

This is as far as I have gone,

as I mentioned the background is really holding me up.



I keep telling you it won't be long


Sally Westcott said...

Oh Sheila, Can you please add a few more sleeps that!

I'm intrigued at what you are making. Can't wait to see the finished product.


retdairyqueen said...

Yes you keep telling us Thanks for that

Jules said...

This is keeping me awake lol! So either will get less 'sleeps' or can just keep tacking them on, counting until it is time... Actually will have been, come and gone at this rate lol!
Decoration looks very interesting - BUT - you have only 2/3 sleeps to post sister swaps...... la la lala la....... ;-)X

pegsplace said...

Hello there Sheila,

Thanks for your tab idea and yes, that is what I was looking for. I hadn't thought of the fishing line approach. Thanks.

I love your Christmas decorations. My first impulse was to check my stash for some blue material with gold stars but would take so long to get there...but it is the thought that counts eh?

I love those little gold bags, made with material?

As for the sleeps....I don't even have an action plan for Christmas. Actually, I sort of put it out of my head until December 1st ;)...but I think that if we have snow I may implement a plan of some sort!