Saturday, November 07, 2009


The weather today was glorious.  32degrees at midday ..... so what do The Scot and I do.

Gardening of course.

Firstly I needed to weed and tidy the patio.  Now I love the birds, which is why we have planted Australian Natives in the front garden.

But there are these 'pesky little beggers' who think they own our hourse and land.  We even tried to keep them from nesting in the carport and they chewed the blockage out

and now every morning when I go out to feed the gold fish the patio is covered in the mulch they have scattered.  So I hope I have them fooled this time, I have put a narrow edging round the seed bed.

Of course I have to show you another of my favourite natives.

and another baby one of a different colour

and flowers were popping up everywhere

The Scot wasn't lazy.  These are new veggie seeds he planted.

Maybe tomorrow we will just be lazy.


Sally Westcott said...

Hi Sheila,

I did pretty much the same today! All our sparrows have died of something nasty so now we have starlings! yuck - eat dog food, throw mulch, gee even dig up weeds! The last one is good!

Not allowed to be lazy tomorrow - back yard really, really tidy! Spit Roast for the In laws tomorrow!

Now - here is the toughy - sewing room has to be tidy too! My sewing room is the family room! Bugger!

Have a lovely lazy day tomorrow!


PS Your word verification for me tonight is wonderful "Ferfie"! I love it!

Fiesta said...

I am so going to enjoy looking at your summer plants while winter starts here. It is a bit nippy this morning.

Jules said...

How lovely! Your patio looks really nice and I love the plants. Is the red one a bottle brush plant? We have them in red and pink.
Beautiful day today and this morning a magnificiant fox was standing on the old air-raid shelter/rockery. He dug a neat round hole (which has a bulb now exposed!) scratched and licked himself and settled down for a nice sleep in the sun! He was there for over half an hour before we rattled the door knob. Then he walked through the trelliswork into the bottom veggie patch, sat on the path with his back towards us, before idly going to spend a while on one of the raised veg beds! The slab which covers the rear 'window, escape door' of the shelter has now been moved even further. A lair for the winter maybe? They are certainly noisy at night. I say 'he' - no expert but it was a large fox Lol!
Right - a leaf (!) out of your book now - back to the gardening.