Thursday, November 26, 2009

Royal Mail arrived this morning.

A parcel from my sister in England. 

And true to to The Instructions received a few days ago, I didn't read the Customs Declaration.
I was allowed to open the cards, and of course I felt and smelt the presents.  But they have been put aside ready to put under the tree.  Decorations get unpacked next Tuesday.

how I am going to last for 30 more sleeps I don't know, however to take my mind off the subject I was quite industrious today.

The binding has been machine stitched, and I have started hand stitching it down.   And a label has been printed ready for stitching on the back of the Quilt (actually a UFO) to go on the wall where the pictures were removed from.

I made a start on the 'Guys Gifts' for the Christmas Swap, us 3 Sisters are doing. 

Can't show any more details as I know The Sisters read my blog.

Tut tut what is it with these Sisters of mine.   Have just had an email saying another of them is presently filling out the Customs Declaration.   And here am I, still making the gifts.

And a new decoration was started.   This is one I am designing as I go, this is Prototype no 3.   I think I now know what the finished ones will look like. 

And I found a sheet of polystyrene which The Scot cut to size.  Only after I said if he cut it, I would make him a milkshake.  This meant that he had all the crumbly mess of the polystyrene in his shed, rather than my have it inside.   And he did a great job, even if he did roll his eyes when I explained what it was for.
More to follow on this decoration.


DivertiCreando said...

Hi sheila .)
have you received my email?? Your parcel has arrived last week.... I hope your from me will arrive soon!!!

Barn Owl said...

Have just checked Posr Office receipt for parcel date on says

11:28 19/11/2009

6 days from leaving my hands to the other side of the world

Not bad for the British mail.

Fiesta said...

Sheila what a treat to have sisters that are also as creative as you. Will you be showing us your decorations soon?

Jules said...

Oh my,my - what a busy bee.....

Now I just love that embroidery - right up my street that is! Beautiful.
Worried now - you are MAKING the blokey swaps?! I wouldn't know where to start....
As you know - I DID make the sister swaps - but will definatly NOT be sending. I could not make a decent job of them all, so who would I give the rough to? (And third/fourth attempt still rough!!)Sorry - but I have cheated. (Idea not lost - next year will be a variation on the theme and brighter than those others I sent picture of!) Summer light certainly makes a difference! lol.x

ozjane said...

I decided waiting till Dec 1 might be fatal so decided Nov 26th was ok to start. You blogging Christmas ladies are responsible for this effort. Tree is up. Found a white battenburg lace tree skirt that fits Mum's glory box where the tree is this year....just perfectly. Up but not decorated yet but handyman came and lifted down decorations for me. And have emptied shelves of display paraphanalia. How do you spell that?