Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Today is the 1st Tuesday in November
so what is so different...... here in Australia its the highlight of the Spring Racing Carnival.
Melbourne Cup Day.

wots that say most of you,  Apparently The Race that stops the Nation.  If you want to learn more try

Many a fortune has been won, but probably more have been lost.
I am not really a Racing Enthusist, but I must tell you this funny story.

The Princess aspires to become a Horse Trainer.   Well she has a property with land the size of a racetrack on it.  And she does keep horses.    But..........    the last one ..... well it just didn't want to run.  Probably thought The Princess was a soft touch, it was put into a couple of races but one I think it came last and the other I dont think it started..

The present horse.....
wait for it

has sore feet

she has to bathe and massage them every day.
Somehow I dont think she will be buying me the fabulous new sewing machine I am hankering after.
But I will keep you posted.

Whilst everyone lost their money at the Races I finished the things for the Advent Swap.

I will show you the first present (close your eyes Francesca if you dont want to see)

The Rooles are...

  1.  Put together a package containing 24 small gifts around the $2 - $3 mark ie measuring tape, some DMC threads, hand cream, pack of needles, fat quarter etc. Each one of these parcels must be wrapped and numbered 2 - 25. A handmade major gift must also be made and wrapped and included. The major gift must be numbered No 1.

Franseca I have broken the Rooles a little.    My no 1 parcel is the bag and into the bag will be the other 24.  They are not numbered but you can have  a 'lucky dip' each day.  I do hope you like all the things I have gathered.

Yes, as usual there was a drama in putting it together.  It is a pattern that I just evolved over the years and change here and there.  But on turning the outside with the lining attached I found the handles hand twisted.
Darn.... so I had to unpick and redo.   this I did very carefully, with The Scot mocking from the side,
make sure you get them right this time haha.
I sure did, and actually I am very pleased with it, I packed all the present (unwrapped as yet) into it to take a photo.   Took it through to show the Scot.

His first words............... thats not straight.

So Francesca you have one handle stitch on at a slight angle.  I just cant bring myself to unpick the topstitch the lining from the bag and the handle.   Maybe I will make a flower to put on.  but I am sure you will overlook this "terrible sin".

Only 9 more to wrap

then onto the Ecologic Bag Swap.  You know the bag the Scot doesn't believe goes together.


retdairyqueen said...

love the bag
Good to see you so organized

Jules said...

Mind blowing! And I thought I had problems finding ONE gift for ONE person! Not 25 for one! I have reduced our list of 100 gifts (to give to 100 people) - way out of hand, but to take on your task - wow!

Vickie said...

oh wow very goos miss...bag looks lovely and them gifties I just want to open them and peek hehehe,love your pretty labels they look sweet,cheers vickie

Fiesta said...

SHeila I love the bag and the way you wrapped them. Your swapper will be so happy.

Getta said...

wow I love the bag and the way you wrapped the presents...how lucky your swapper is! :-)

Barn Owl said...

Clever girl again

Love the Bag.

catsmum said...

bugger the bloody horserace - I have MUCH more important news to impart!!
Target have the Chrissie decos 25% off!
got some gorgeous delicate glass ones with etched snowflakes for a song this morning