Tuesday, November 17, 2009


or rather my Parcel has been passed.

The doorbell rang this morning, I just know the Postie's ring lol.

A parcel I had to sign for on a different kind of form.   Oh says I.    Yes smiles the Postie It was opened by the Customs.   Now I know I have been sending and receiving a lot of parcels this month but....

and smiles Postie I have to give you these.

ok ok thinks I.   I can take the hint.   

Have a nice day Postie and off he goes on his motor scooter whistling away.

Apparently, upon reading the leaflets, people often get confused with what they can send as gifts.
You can get one of these forms or I will send you a copy of mine,  It is nothing sinister just that Australian has certain quarantine regulations.    Apparently they differ from country to country.  So if in double check.

But thankfully mine was ok.   I think the nice raffia around the lovely parcels could have been sus. or even the metal bits.  But no everything was ok.   So thank you a zillions times Giulia.   Take a look at her blog.
http://briciolepuntini.blogspot.com/  another lass young enough to be my granddaughter lol.   I could collect grandkids couldn't I.   We have been corresponding and she speaks excellent English.   They do put me to shame.

But I know you are anxious to see what she sent.   This was in the Eco Bag Swap organised by Francesca.

firstly this neat little bag ........ note the small handle and on the end the thingy that allows your keys to be attached.  Which is inside the bag when open.

ok open it out such

and hey this is what we have

Isn't this just clever and so neat, and it is so well made.    thank you so much Giulia.

but wait

also we have a Monkey Punch.  isn't that a grande name
this is for my keys

The Scot watched green with envy patiently whilst I opened all the goodies, and he said to make sure I say that he is Extremely Impressed with this (well that is praise indeed Giulia)


not only

but also

I think she reads my blog

a flower pin

and embroidery threads because she knows I love Christmas


they are the colour of the Italian Flag.

She adds a lovely note saying she hopes her work and choices and not too bad.

That was a marvellous parcel Giulia.  Excellent.   thank you so much.

A very good swap and very well run Francesca.


Vickie said...

how very clever indeed ..and what a lovely bag to boot...with extra goodies way to go....ah good too hear the scot was impressed hehehe,cheers Vickie

Fiesta said...

Great gifts Sheila. You will be stepping out in style.

Jules said...

How lovely! Now arn't they just the dandy-ist.... Really nice.
So we have to make sure that any metal parts are described I guess. I had wondered about that, knowing how airports are so fussy.
Well that should be fun!

riseoutofme said...

Xmas has come early for you Birdy and still SO many sleeps to go ...

Enjoy your goodies!

Banaghaisge said...

What a fabulous bag - it is a Tardis!!!
Lovely pressies from Giulia (which I know is pronounced Julia - because of a FIAT Giullietta...).

Getta said...

I'm so happy you like it! :-)
I'm sorry about the metal parts, I asked the post office if there was some kind of things I couldn't send to Australia or something I had to declare and they told me there wasn't...I guess why they don't keep themselves informed about international rules! I hope you didn't have to pay any fee for that...did you?
It's good to hear Scot was so impressed by the monkey punch ^_^ There's a well explained tutorial here if he wants to try ;-)