Monday, November 09, 2009


This morning, the doorbell rings.   You answer it shouts The Scot from his breakfast seat on the patio.

I am sure glad I did there was this parcel, I had to sign for it.  They now have some 'thingy' and the guy punches in some information, then I have to sign on the screen.  I told him I would like one, he said.... don't think so they cost a few thousand dollars.   ahhh technology.

but I couldn't find any clues to where it came from.   As I was expecting a few parcels, you know internet shoppping etc.  I thought oh well it will be a surprise.

wow.......... some surprise .....  after I struggled to get the next wrapper off, this was a parcel to equal mine in the wrapping area, (I believe in making it as difficult as possible for the Customs people to open, because they will think oh dear we could never get it together again)  there were parcels gift wrapped in Green Tissue.
and an envelope.

the envelope had to be opened first.   This was my swap from my Stitchers Angel.   She has been very sneaky writing to me from a secret email addy.  Giving me some clues, but leading me on a bit.  I really had no idea where she came from, 

the concensus was

either English pretending she couldn't speak the language very well.  (btw her English is excellent)
But Italian never came into the equation.

A lovely letter written in very good English.

she is Christina and do go see her blog at

Now to show you the lovely goodies she sent me.

Magazines.   Oh I wonder how she knew I love the Christmas Ones.   In Italian, but photos and diagrams speak a thousand words, and I can always email her and ask.   No I wont trust the net translators - have you seen the funny things they come up with.

The rooles were ...... three gifts.     But I think all Cristina has gone above and beyond the rooles I have been very lucky indeed.

A bag and inside the bag, ribbons, and embroidery thread and buttons.  Now how did she know my favourite colours are purple and green.

Also a Needlecase.  Now I like to keep a needcase with every project I have (ummmm and I think you know I have a lot of UFO's)
This is the inside.

and not only but also the

piece de resistance

A Pincushion frog.  Just charming (no pun intended = Prince Charming)

and just look at the pins that he is holding.  Just beautiful

Thank You Cristina, I am delighted with my swap parcel and I hope my Italian Connection continues forever.


Vickie said...

oh m y Shiela what alovely bundle you have recieved all so gorgeous..hmm now that frog is cute (for a frog)....cheers Vickie

Jules said...

Gosh, and double GOSH! Wasn't that some wonderful swap? Lovely work.
My sister's swap is in the washing machine!!! In a bag - with the hope they will improve and not colour run! What on earth are they? Not telling, but I am quite nervous about sending now! Might think again! LOL.
I am not surprised The Scot calls you to answer the bell - poor man most likely knows it will not be for him!.. roflo.

pulcino said...

Hi Sheila, I'm very happy that my gifts will be enjoyed and thanks for the compliments that you have done me :-)
Now I can only give you a quick greeting (I am at work), but tonight I will answer your mail ... of course in English ... lol ...
A big hug.
Your angel (not longer secret) .....

Fiesta said...

Sheila I am speechless. You received such loveliness made with so much pride and care. Enjoy , you deserve them.

Sue said...

Wow, your gifts are gorgeous and Cristina is such a clever lady to make them. That froggie is beautiful. I have an Italian connection too but it's me mailing to Italy in my next swap.

Lindi said...

Wow! Lucky lucky you! Lovely gifts. And that frog is just soooo delightful.

quiltinbysea said...

Don't you just love swaps!, everything looks so beautiful, and the ribbons are very enticing, but really, the frog floats my boat.