Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I TOLD YOU and an Addendum

but the Addendum  first as I am so pleased with myself.  

This is The Bag, you remember the one The Scot said... that wont work there will be a hole in it.

well this is it.   I thought maybe handles of the same colour as the top triangle.  I call it burgundy but it could be translated as dark red or a sort of brown.

and the inside, which I must admit there were some loud not so nice words issuing forth  from the sewing room at one stage.  My head finds it diffuclt to get itself round patterns and things.

I have to thank Vickie who lives @  for the pattern.  We were emailing regarding comments etc. and the subject of bags came up.  So thanks Vickie.

Francesca is The Swap Mon, so I hope she reads this to know that the bag is almost on its way to my secret partner.  Which brings me to the subject of "Age".    Of late most of my swap partners appear to be young enough to be my grandchildren.  So of course tastes, styles and colours differ.  I am trying to think young, carefree and modern.  So I hope the bag will suit the recipient.
Strange tho, everyone I chat to via blogging is always tall, slender, long blonde hair and in the early twenties.    ummmm   maybe thats how I secretly wish I looked. lol.    Sorry to disappoint.

and now.....

back to my first post of the day.

that you would hear more of the same,    its 10.30 am     and its rising.

We do have air conditioning, which we try not to use very much.  But the room where the computers are is at the far end of the house.
the Scot is going to spend the day indoors scanning the remainder of the photographs.
and so he decided

he needed a



ozjane said...

We seem to be getting a bit of a sea breeze here.....heat neurotic moi was able to stand outside and pick tomatoes and talk to the handyman without getting streesed.
Maybe that extra oxygen getting to my brain is having some extra effects.
I need to do what the Scot is doing...but have a funeral to go to.

Jules said...

Oh gosh - I was reading ozjane's comment and thought it said, talking to the handyman witout getting dressed! I must get these eyes checked!!! Anyway, glad ozjane is finding life a tad cooler. That heat is a killer - can't bear to think about it!

The bag is fantastic! So - so - cool? We have to use the right expressions too yeah....

Saw some old blankets dyed and made into cushions - they looked great, maybe we should get with it and try something different.. Now, what did I do with our old blankets when we updated and started using quilts......

Molly said...

Beautiful colours! Let me get this straight---is the Scot the handyman Ozjane was talking to without her clothes on? I hope his heart is able for it!

Getta said...

wow Sheila, I love the bag! It's not a matter of age, you have a very good taste! :-)

Lindi said...

The bag looks great, Sheila! I think any age would love it
BTW, here's one gal who is the total opposite of tall. slim. long blonde hair, and young! :)