Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today we were teaching the Natives how to swim

Yes we had and still have Rain

5mm although it is up to 9 and still rising.  Reminds me of the song....
 "How high's the water Mama"

The Scot was sitting watching his Water Tank fill

But he did deserve a cuppa, as he had once again cut the polystyrene and helped me cover the board.

Another stage in my New Decoration.   Gosh I hope its going to live up to expectations.


retdairyqueen said...

mmmmmmmmmmm Can't wait to see this decoration

Jules said...

Goodness me, all that rain! You will have to do some pruning after all that and the warmth too! Uk has had a lot in the North. Cumbria suffering very bad floods whilst we have escaped. Chilly today but still none of the rain which was forcast.
The decoration looks interesting......

ozjane said...

Oh how good that rain will be for your new garden plants. My grass is becoming green again.

Banaghaisge said...

How much rain did you get? I was up to about 40mm and then the wind tipped the gauge over... However, the tanks are again overflowing, hooray!
What is this deccie going to be me wonders????I hope you are going to keep posting clues so I can keep wildly guessing...
I bet those Sisters are getting either hottie bottle covers (which can double as colostomy bag covers when they get older and need such things) or clever bonnets to keep their pommy ears warm in the weather they are having.
Am I close????

Hugs etc