Saturday, November 28, 2009




to all my bloggingfriends in the States and to everyone else who celebrates.  Even to those of us who dont.  Maybe it be a good family day....and if you didn't eat the Turkey this weekend tell him to watch Christmas it's only 27 sleeps away.

Now for my flaunt.   Actually a UFO started somewhere in the distant days of 2007 just before The Scot became sick.  This was a bom.  I did a lot more embroidery on the blocks than was stated,  As I am always of the opinion that more is better where embroidery is concerned.

Now like The Scot all complete and looking pretty good.  I could have said hanging but I don't think that would apply to The Scot

and even finished with a label.

Now, as my dear  sisters keep reminding me, I should have their swaps finished and ready to post.
No rest for the wicket or even the righteous.


Sally Westcott said...

Beautiful Sheila!

I'm impressed that it is labeled. That's one of those things I always mean to do but never get around to!


Kali Neel said...

Sheila I love your wallhanging, you must be very happy with it. And I echo Sally's sentiments re the label...I just never get around to them either.

Julie said...

Love the stitchery wall hanging Sheila, although it would be very tempting to rest on your laurels, you mustn't.....onwards......ever onwards!!!

cinzia said...

what a gorgeous stitchery... it all comes together so well.

Jules said...

Now ain't that just prurty!? LOVE, love, love it! It will look great hanging on the wall in your home. I love the attention to detail - the hint of years gone by. (remember those embroidered table cloths, runners and chair backs of our childhood?) The flowers you so neatly have done at the top and bottom panels - with the birdtable and wheelbarrow etc - I just am a sucker for anything like that - extra detail, to enhance the houses and keep the interest. Oh wow birdy - a trip back in time. Love-love-love it!

Fiesta said...

Shiela, anything with houses I simply love.will you be displaying this one for the holidays?

What Comes Next? said...

Gorgeous! and all labelled, too! Your really are on a roll!