Sunday, November 15, 2009


I must have caught it from the Escaping Santa but as The Scot tells me .... "in your dreams Woman".

What is .....

well I have entered two Competitions.  In great anticipation of winning,  (always half full, nearly flowing over cup - thats me)(or eternal pessimist)

If you look at my right side bar you will see two new logos                        

Holiday Traditions Quilt Contestthis is the Competition One
well actually there are two competitions.
I don't think I need to mention how I love Christmas and as I have a lot of Christmas Quilts, I thought I would enter.  Even if I don't win then it is 5 seconds of fame and a lot of fun.

For those Quilters who are Quilting Bloggers if you click on the logo at the right of my page then you can enter too.

For those of you who just like the 'Eye Candy"

these are the two links.

You can't vote for the one you like most until December 8.    I will remind you on that day (hoping you like mine best)

The dates of the Competition are

Contest start: November 10, 2009

Final submissions: December 7, 2009

Voting: December 8 through 16, 2009

Winners announced: December 17, 2009    
So do join in the fun.

And not only but also I have entered a receipe for the Quilters Cookbook.
Quilter's Cookbook
I don't profess to be a brilliant cook, but I do have one 'piece de la resistance'
It has been accepted under the first section.

But to read all about it go to                  
My post about my finished Christmas Inchies Swap will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Jules said...

Well done you! You are a clever old stick our Birdy! Put the Christ back into Christ-mas haven't you?! No-one else has done that. Good on yer!