Wednesday, November 04, 2009


You remember the Cuddle Quilt I sent to the UK a few days ago.

well today I received this lovely photo from Chloe's proud Grandmother.

amd this one of Chloe with her devoted grandparents.

Isn't the room beautiful and cheerful.

The quilt arrived safe and sound and was delivered.  The Young Lady approved of it, and I somehow think she is going to get a lot of people stop and chat.

When the Scot had to go to hospital last year, I bundled him up in a quilt to drive him there, and the quilt stayed with him.  Funnily enough he kept it there and whenever I visited it was on top of the bed,  and the Scot is NOT a sentimental bloke by any means.   He also mentioned how everyone was stopping and chatting to comment, even the Doctor told him about his Mother who quilts lol.                                                                              This was the second month into the chemotherapy.  (before he lost his hair) although it has grown back now.

Seems like us Quilters really can make a difference in this world.


Jules said...

You certainly can - I can verify that - being the one on the left of the picture of three! LOL. The top picture is my favourite because it was instant - "Thank you" with BIG grin! (And a little bird noise X) The staff mobbed us too, Oo ahh...!

retdairyqueen said...

So nice that our quilts can make a beutiful young lady smile like that

gwensmom said...

Chloe's quilt is as beautiful as she is! I wish I could meet her.

That is a great pic of the scot with his hair standing on end :) I look like that in the morning too.

Molly said...

Hats off to you Birdy! You DO, I procrastinate. The do-ers are the ones who make a difference.

Sooziii said...

Oh Birdie, that smile says it all!

Amazing how a few metres of fabric can become a welcoming bridge between people.

Jenny said...

Quilts in hospital can certainly make a difference. I took one of mine when I went in for chemo a couple of years ago and everyone is interested in looking and chatting about the quilt.

Jenny from Upper Hutt
New Zealand