Monday, November 02, 2009



yes in a New Life I aspire to be a budding writer, artist, violin player, sexy blonde.   But for now I have to make do with being a retired mother, wife, quilter, crafter, give most things a go, white haired, but once a redhead, computer fanatic..

November is the NaBloPoMo  blog about anything month. 
I first heard about this from The Molly, you must visit her blog, she writes the bestest words of wisdom, and so flowingly.  So about two years ago I gave it a try, yes I did blog for the whole month, not very inspiring writing tho.  Last Year I attempted but with the Scot being sick I didn't keep up.

You will notice I have attempted Beautiful September during which I blogged every day.   Haunted October was just that haunted I think I bummed out after about five days.

So earwig 1.... earwig go again for November.... no theme.

Actully November is starting very well.  I need to make a bag, I found this terrific pattern.  Well I thought it was terrific, but the Scot said it won't work, you can't join those pieces together to make a bag, it just wont fit, there will be a hole in the bottom..  Remember he is an Engineer, and lines are straight, corners are accurate, and squares are square and he can't draw a circle freehand.  

So last night I cut out the required number of squares and with larges stitches, stitched it all together.  The Scot just can't believe it and still says that I have changed the pattern, which I haven't.  He just  needs to think out of the square.  I can't post a photo of the prototype, until its finished as its for Maria. 

And today I have almost finished the 'container' which will hold the 24 pressies for Francesca, in the Advent Swap.

Now Francesca is Italian and speaks English very well.  So we have managed to chat quite a lot, do visit her blog.

Francesca is the Swap Mom for the Ecologic Bag Swap.  my partner who I send to being Maria, who I mentioned above. 
But to make matters interesting my swap partner who is sending to me is  Giulia whos blog is also worth a visit.

All of the above, plus the three swaps mailed last week to Uk, Denmark and Sweden, and A Secret Partner who is writing to me that she has sent my stitchers angel parcel,  and claims she claims English is not her first language will explain why  I have to learn some languages, or better still write good English as she is spoken,  the google translator and babelfish give some very funny variations at time.   But photos, oh I love blogs with photos, speak a thousand words. 
If you have followed me so far, well done, otherwise go make a cuppa whilst I check that I have all my links correct.  I have made all the links in bold blue so just click on them and you will go to their blogs.

Probably more information than you needed to know.  But hey I gotta keep this NaBloPoMo going.


Sally Westcott said...

Sorry Sheila,

I lost your post after the first paragraph! Just cause! That would be me! Well - maybe not the red head (half your luck!) Just the mousey brown here.

I was the gunner too! I was thinging , this afternoon, in the car, no the way to the pub to have celebratory drink with first born (beautiful Mum of 2), what Have I done with MY life!




Will read the rest after dinner - about to dish up!

Jules said...


This is going to take me time to digest I'm afraid! bit slow like that!

Will go to links and take ' a shufty' - slang. Then get back to this.... x

Jules said...

The blogs look fantabulous! Such talent out there and Molly's appligue work is lovely!

You certainly set yourself a great deal of work Birdy. I must get cracking....... but glad my work is not so complicated! LOL Sore fingers eh?

Look forward to daily blog - keep 'em coming............ x

Molly said...

Love your description of the Scot---"Remember he is an engineer.....and he can't draw a circle freehand!" That's the way it works around here too. It amazes him I can do anything, I approach things so differently than he does......but I do! And so do you. Engineer, smengineer!

Maria said...

Dear Sheila.
I want to thank you so much for the lovely christmas swap you made for me! The christmas tree is just great! I love the pictures of the flowers in the calender too. In Denmark we don´t have that kind of flowers. My kids have had a lot of fun looking at the pencils and stickers. Thanks again.