Thursday, October 01, 2009


.......... and I did.   This morning this was delivered.

Note the post date.   It was coming from Canada.
I am not the most restrained when it comes to opening pressies. 
I guess I just get too excited.

and look what was in side.

  • A pin cushion, but not just an ordinary pin cushion, a super duper deluxe model.  This one is lovely and b i g   oh I do love big pincusions, so much room for the pins.  But what makes it special around the circumference are threads.  And Peggy filled them with all the colours that I would use.

  • A hard cover note book with a cut out and then a design of Canada coming through and a Canadian pen.  This is in use already.

  • An adorable thimble with the Canadian emblem engraved on, yes I did know it was the maple leaf.  This now hangs on the wall, next to the dolphin wall quilt, made by Sarah from the 4 Seasons Swap.

  • Stitckers for scrapbooking, these are marvellous.  Even tho I do digital scrapbooking I keep a folder with photos and pictures and stickers and the like in,  because I can then scan them and use them on my pages.

  • A funky Christmas Stocking, so.... well funky.  This had the thimble wrapped and place in it.

  • And last but not least Canadian Tissues in a fabric cover, these I needed to wipe my eyes.

Oh Peggy ... thank you so much... a parcel well and truly above and beyong the Rools, and I am so pleased it finally arrived.... not that I had any doubt that it would.

This was the Paper Bag Swap I did in July.   Poor Peggy had given up on it arriving, but I insisted she didn't make another swap, because I just knew Autralia Post and Canada Post would deliver.  I mean thats their slogan, isn't it.

So thank you so much Peggy for a swap above and beyond what was called for in the Rooles.   I just love everything.

And just to tell you what marvellous Technology we have nowaday.   I wrote to thank her and 23 minutes, yes only 23 minutes later I received a reply from her.

The Good Ole Days........... ummm   no think I will stick with the present.

oh btw Is anyone else having trouble with blogger...... it just doesn't want to play nicely.   It won't let me put the photos where I want, won't add words in the proper place.  In fact has become a real pain.


Jules said...

How LOVELY! Great parcel to receive. Re - blogger, wouldn't know, but all day yesterday we were unable to send or receive emails - fault with the server. I could visit and leave comments on blogs but that was all. Back now ok (and thanks for comments to comments birdy - work calling now. ) x

Lindi said...

Lovely pressies!

I'm having trouble too, but mainly accessing some blogs, and sometimes not being able to leave comments.

PamelaJ said...

Hi Sheila, I love your pressie I reckon canada post is one of the slowest.! I do all myblog with Windows Live writer and never have any problem.s

aykayem said...

yes ... the formatting does sort of go "up the creek" when adding photos and stuff - it keeps adding piles of div tags and p tags and other stupid stuff - I get around it by changing to the html editing while I add the photos, then also move them around by cutting and pasting the links - then go back to the other one to see what it looks like (then usually have to go back to the html and find a few tags it put in there while I was typing, and fix/delete them too)
... I did also see some odd option somewhere in the settings a while back, that said something like "use this if you have formatting problems" ... next time I log in and post, I might see if I can find it again and if it looks like it does what I want (it might have been something that applied to the blog layout rather than the posts), I might give that a go ...