Saturday, October 24, 2009


And The Scot thinks Summer is just around the corner

and this morning, I was sitting out on the patio with my laptop answering my emails.

Yesterday I snook off to the shopping centre by myself because I knew they had started putting the Christmas Goodies on display.  ummm sheer bliss...... ummm what to choose.

so this is my New Santa for this year well one of them.

It is a lantern but uses batteries, thank goodness we have the rechargeable ones says The Scot.

Today I learnt a valuable lesson.

Don't join a swap unless you are competent at what you are swapping.
Yes, I joined the Christmas Inchies Swap.  Of course I have never made an Inchie before, but it caught my fancy.
This is todays efforts, I left the ruler so you can the size. 

If anyone can offer any helpful suggestions they will be gratefully received. I know I do need to practice the satin stitch around the edge, and they do need to be decorated.


Jules said...

As far as I am concerned The Scot has the best idea! Move up a tad Scotty....... You have my cuppa ready I see! LOL.

What a cheery chappy you bought this year to help you celebrate Christmas.
The Inchies look great. Do you intend to get each or some, of the stars to sparkle by adding decoration? The simplicity looks great. Now, come and have a cuppa..

Sally Westcott said...

Oops Sheila, I forgot all about that one! Eeeek! I'd better get a wriggle on!

I really like your inchies - starting to look very chrismassy! All they need is a bit of glitter!


Fiesta said...

your inchies are perfect Sheila and I love the latern.

SueBK said...

I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to rule an inch square on a larger piece; satin stitch and then cut close to the stitching? If your wadding was just a wee smidge under an inch square it would be caught by the stitching, but not show on the sides.
All theory of course; I've never tried them either.