Thursday, October 22, 2009


well it was almost pressed.

Do you realise that its

before the Jolly Men deliver their gifts.

The days are going so fast, and even tho I started early, I can see there is so much more to make.

This week I have really made a concentrated effort on getting my swaps finished.

This is the 4 Seasons Holiday Quilt Swap

and The Stitchers Angel One.

The tape measure holder almost got the better of me.  I actually made three attempts.  The needle case I really like.  Of The Scot thought it was some thousands of a a milliemeters short on one side.   But I am sure my swap partner wont measure it.

And so off to the Post Office tomorrow morning.  Goodness me Australia Post really do love me with all these parcels.


retdairyqueen said...

Lucky person who gets these gifts
Will have to get the pattern

Jules said...

What lovely swaps - you HAVE beeb busy!
And Scotty, you better undo that needlecase then and remake! LOL. - No, NO, NO... I didn't mean it! Shhhhhhh..

Fiesta said...

Both are cute. Which reminds me that I need to start wraping mine too.

Daphne said...

That is a pretty set, Sheila. Love the needlecase and the tape measure.