Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Its raining, its pouring
The Ole Man's a snoring
He went to bed
and bumped his head
and never got up in the morning.

Yes it is raining, but my ole man is not a snoring, but at least he has to stay indoors today and take a rest.

But first he needed to help me pack a parcel.   Chloe's Cuddles was all finished and I need to get it into a smallish size package for posting.  I have instructed The Scot if we ever get a chance we must take out shares in Australia Post, the rate I am going I rekon I could buy them out, it would be cheaper.

But I digress... we need to pack the quilt small, so that it would travel.  We have devised a scheme whereby we eject the air and seal the bag (using a bag sealer The Princess gave us)  but today we were out of bags, so we had to improvise.

I managed to find a bag of Humpty Dumpty Fibre Fill which was the right size.   The Scot found a larger plain plastic bag to transfer the fibre fill into.

All was going well, I wasn't going to fancy wrap it, as the air ejection spoils the wrapping.  So I placed a lovely lilac decorated bag inside the envelope for Jules to wrap it in before giving the quilt to Chloe.  Note Jules shake the quilt and then fold and place in bag please.  :)

then we needed to expel the air.   Umm  as the bag was not the proper type it would not fit into the electric sealer.  So we had to resort to good old fashion ways.

The Scot assummed Control as he usually does but with my 2nd in Command Instructions coming through loud and clear.

We needed a bit of weight on the quilt to expel the hot air,  As I was the fattest heaviest one I had to stand on the pacel and The Scot being bossy more adept, was in charge of the sealing.

Then it wouldn't go in the envelope....... the Scot wanted to start again, but as you know I never give up without a fight, so eventually


One very tightly sealed quilt all packed ready for delivery.
A little bit of Aussie stitched into a Cuddle Quilt for Chloe.

(((((((((((((Keep Warm and well Chloe))))))))))))))


Fiesta said...

Sheila congrtulations on the finish and getting it into the package. (Of course thanks to the Scot too)

Jules said...

Oh my goodness.........

Errr - we could have just sent you Chloe?.....

Seriously birdy, thank you SO much, - The dear Scot too of course - you two are a double act! The pair of you lighten the day!

We hope to send a picture of the young bionic lady with her beautiful Quilt Of Many Cuddles - it will never leave her lap...
Chloe is one very brave lass and having a very rough time at the moment but never complains. ( Must take after me! Lol.) Thank you again - So very much, not so much a flying carpet but flying quilt. xxxxxxxxxx (word verification - pressent! How apt.)