Monday, October 05, 2009



Today I would like you to revist an old haunt with me. I don't have a photo of when we originally haunted this seat, but the photo was taken in 1993 on our first, and only trip to England after leaving its fair shores in 1966.
We stayed with my sister for approx. 5 days then we travelled North to the bleak beautiful country of Scotland.  Stayed with The Scots Sister for approx 5 days, visited his Mother and then travelled South to stay with my sister for the last days of our trip.

This is where the Scot and I did our courting.   St Giles Church Yard.  dont ask for details because you are not getting any    evbg

but it was so nostalgic to visit the seat again after all those years, I wonder how many more happy marriages were started there.


Sally Westcott said...

The seat of many unions!

Old haunts are a really good way to go this month!



PS How are yur Christmas inchies travelling? Mine are still in my head!

Fiesta said...

how sweet Sheila. Are you trying to make up to the Scot so you can buy some new toys??? (LOL)

Sue said...

Awww How romantic. It makes me go all gooey.

Jules said...

Ahhhhhhh... My mum and dad met at a garden party at St Giles. They did their courting there and married in that Church. I went past that seat (or rather the one or two before it! lol) for many years as I went to Sunday School and then Brownies and Guides. Many happy memories. My first kiss was not a million miles from there either! Caught one Christmas on the stairs of the old Church Hall by a scout with a piece of mistletoe! Spooky or what! ROFLO
You should come for another visit and have your picture taken together on that seat!!!

Barn Owl said...

and when you were late home at night
I didn't moan at you ( HL was working nughts remember)

Those were the days.

HL have a special seat in Abington Park also one on The Race course. That is all I'm saying.