Wednesday, October 28, 2009


we have a new letter box

a little bit grander than I would have chosen.   But as you know The Scot and I don't agree on anything, so I am just letting him have his head regarding the front.   I mean, anything has to look better than what we had.

Just for comparison this is home before we moved in

this is home with the hedge

and this is it this afternoon.

Okay I know I said I wouldn't interfere, but the Scot is not creative, he thinks he is.

We want to put some Australian Natives along the front, and have actually agreed on the choice, but he wants to put four and I think three.  So I took a photo, and then a photo of the plant we want to put there and used PhotoImpact to produce this.

This is the Native we hope to plant

Grevillea Coconut Ice


Jules said...

Well.... Very smart indeed. The plant you intend to put in is nice. Clever this virtual photography, isn't it?! It allows you to see into the future lol.

Barn Owl said...

Tell the Scot I agree with you Three is plenty and would look great.
still love you Scottie

Like the post Box very much quite up Market

Fiesta said...

virtual photography? sounds cool.

carole ann said...

Love the new post box and he did a great job on the front. I have to say I like the four in front. I suppose it would help to know how large those plants get, but I do like the four.

Not Lucy said...

I am going with carole ann on this one. Unless the plants are likely to get much larger. The house does look great though either way! Tell The Scot he did a good job!

Barn Owl said...

H L agrees with me 3 would be best

gwensmom said...

Odd numbers are better for design. If those plants don't grow very large, you could even do 5.

Ali Honey said...

It looks great. Good choice the Scot made!

Like us you have a pole that is not that attractive but the have to go somewhere. ( our phone line is now underground, but not the power )

aykayem said...

... or 3 of those and 2 of something else similar/that goes with them in between them?

... unless they grow really big and then maybe you should stick with 3 ... and maybe 2 of something small between them to fill in the gaps when they are small and can then be an "understorey" if/when the 3 grevillias get big?
or ... if the grevillias are only small bushes - maybe you could plant 3 of those, and then put 2 of something else taller in between them?

... or you could just tell me to go away and shut up ;-)